Exams are near? And want good marks in it? Here are top 10 study hacks that will help you to get good marks. Hi guys I am Gaju Masare and without wasting time lets begin.

10 exam hack

1. Listening Music Half Hour Before  An Exam.

Scientists have prove that listening your favorite music before going to exam can increase you IQ and make you relax and increase your thinking power.

2. Eating Chocolate Or Chewing Gum.

Studies have prove that eating chocolate or chewing a gum while studying can boost your brain to focus in study.

3. Make A Strong Pose.

Making a Happy Strong Pose and still in it for 2 or 3 minutes before half hour of exam can increase you risk taking factor. It will help you to take a risk amd choose a answer.

4. Don’t Stay Up All Night Before an Exam.

Your brain and you body need a energy before an exam. Some Scientists says human body is like a battery. Its take energy while you are sleeping and repair damage tissues and refresh your brain.

5.Get Regular Breaks.

Your brain and your body needs regular break. In every 20 or 30 minutes take a small walk. Its helps your brain to remember more. And sitting on one place for long period can stop blood flow.

6.Watch Funny Cats Videos.

You can complete your 8 hours work in just 5 hours by watching funny cats videos. Yes, studies has prove that while watching a funny cats video your brain relax and feel comfort. This trick is proved on National Geographic Channel in a show called “You Can’t Lick Your Elbow”.

7.Put You Phone Away.

Putting your phone away while you are study because, your brain reacts on a notification in just 6 seconds and than you can get distract for next 30 minutes.

8.Be Confident On Yourself.

Doesn’t really matter how much you have studied, as along as you carry the right attitude. Stay positive. Tell yourself that nothing can go wrong. Motivate yourself and face the problem. You will be surprise.

9.Explain Yourself.

By explaining yourself it become easy to understand and you will get deep meanings of it.

10.Treat Yourself.

Make small goals. E.g. after completing a chapter reward your self with a candy or anything else. It will fill more energy inside you will get ready for next task.

Thank you so much guys for reading my blog. If you have any questions you can ask me in comment and I will reply you :D.


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You Can’t Lick Your Elbow. (show on National Geographic Channel.)

And some my personal knowledge and research.

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