Month: September 2017

Top 15 “Untold” Tips For Good Health Of This Year’s From Experts “Updated”

  Here are the 15 health tips that even doctor did not tell you. These “untold” tips for good health makes your life more HEALTHY and HAPPY. 1. Moisturize Dry Skin Apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp it’ll be absorbed more easily. 2.Wrong Time To Brush Do not brush immediately after meals and drinks, especially if they were acidic as these can soften the tooth enamel and speed up the acid’s effect and erode the layer underneath. 3.Chew Cloves(लौंग) Clove reduces mouth ulcer(छाले), fights tooth pain and bleeding gums. The dentist never tells this ‘tips for good...

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The God Of Sky and Kingship . Horus. The son of Osiris and Isis. Is one of the most significant of ancient Egypt deities. He was worshipped at least late prehistoric Egypt untill the Ptolemaic kingdom to the Roman Egypt. Horus has been recorded as a god with lanner falcon, Peregrine falcon or a man with falcon head. Though it is said that he was born to a virgin mother was reincarnation of Horus the elder or serket. As he was the first one to ever die in mankind of history as per Egypt history and culture. The earliest recorded form of...

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Manifesting Your dreams into reality by discovering your “WHY”

Do you know your why??? Manifesting your dreams into reality by discovering your ‘WHY’ How it would feel if every single morning you wake up with a reason to make a difference on this planet. How would that feel if the way of life would in your hand? Every single day would probably become the day that you’ll make count for you. It would be a magic which will drive you towards your goals. This comes in life when you have a direction in life. It is the clarity which gives a reason to us to live. It is...

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Oats – What Are Oats? What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Oats |

What Are Oats? Oats are a kind of whole grain food made with oat groats. They are low in calorie and high in fiber. They are considered good food for good health. Oats available in the markets in different types of flavours. Most common oats in the market are rolled oats which are also called Oatmeal. Eating a bowl of fresh cooked oatmeal in your breakfast is a perfect way to start your day. They are rich in Carbohydrates, Fiber, Protien and good fats than other grains.   Some Health Benefits Of Eating Oats:- Oatmeal has multiple of health...

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Reading effectively and in faster pace

Reading effectively and in faster pace…   Reading effectively and efficiently is one of the important part of  one’s life .It is by reading effectively and efficienctly, we gain knowledge .Reading in general is a simple process but to make it more effective and have a greater impact on our mind,its vital to understand the importance of reading,how it can shape our brain and can even enhance our its necessary for reading effectively and efficiently.       As a student its mandatory to have good writing skills which can be improved by reading.  Researches have shown that reading...

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