Day: September 5, 2017

Be Proud of your Own Edges

Be proud of your ‘own’ Edges Teenage is that time period of one’s life in which you concentrate to learn new things, having adventures, taking risks and building new relationships. The world that we teenagers live in is entirely different from the other age groups. We have got our own set of problems, be it in school, social life or friends. You can check the site   One of the major issues generally all teenagers face is “body shaming’. They want to look “perfect”. For them, ‘perfection’ means having a desirable perfect body. Every person is supposed to look...

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How To Properly Add A New Post In WordPress

How To Properly Add A New Post In WordPress Hello, enthusiastic readers welcome to Let’s Whenever it comes to blogging the first option which comes in our mind is WordPress. WordPress is the best Content Management System out there. There are many reasons why I love WordPress one of the reason is writing blog post is quite easy. It provides you with tons of option to write and customize your blog post. But if you are new to WordPress then you may face some difficulty in the beginning in writing your post in WordPress. But you need not worry, today in this beginners guides...

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Exams are near? And want good marks in it? Here are top 10 study hacks that will help you to get good marks. Hi guys I am Gaju Masare and without wasting time lets begin.   1. Listening Music Half Hour Before  An Exam. Scientists have prove that listening your favorite music before going to exam can increase you IQ and make you relax and increase your thinking power. 2. Eating Chocolate Or Chewing Gum. Studies have prove that eating chocolate or chewing a gum while studying can boost your brain to focus in study. 3. Make A Strong...

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Do people deserve a second chance for the mistakes they have made in life?

Some of you must be thinking ‘yes-they do deserve’ some ‘no-they don’t’ and some might be confused between the two. People are not God, Nobody is perfect. We all commit mistakes in our life and when we apologize, we hope that the other person will forgive and give us a second chance. It is possible to learn from our mistake and grow as a person and as an individual. People need second chances to continuously grow and change and be a better version of themselves. It is possible to give a person second chance, but only after the trust...

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