Tea Cultivation | 5 Reasons why Assam is the Richest state in Tea Cultivation

Why Assam is rich in Tea Cultivation

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Today I am here for you to tell some amazing facts related to Assam tea.

I know you are being quite fascinated, after reading the question “Why Assam is rich in Tea Cultivation?”


In this post to end up your fascination, I am going to share with you 5 main reasons why Assam state is the richest state in tea cultivation.

So are you, excited?

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Tea cultivation king - assam

The Top 5 Reasons

1.The hub of tea gardens: –

This is the very first reason ever. Do you know there are more than one lakh and twenty thousands of tea gardens in Assam? including large and small.

You can imagine yourself how big amount this really is.


According to a survey report of the Assam govt tea department, there are almost 1500 million pounds of tea produced every year from these all gardens. (Report of the 2014 year)

Which is enough to make this state, the leader of Tea Cultivation.

2. The number of Tea cultivations : –

As you know Assam is completely an Agriculture based state, where 7 out of 10 people live there life by depending upon agriculture.

Most of the people here are not businessmen or job takers. Therefore the highest amount of people concentrate here on agriculture.

And in agriculture tea is a chief corp of this state, that is why tea cultivation increasing day by day in this land.

We have seen after tea cultivation becomes profitable, the number of cultivators increased even more.

This is very good news.


3. The fertile land of Brahmaputra Valley: –

We know, if human wants then they can do anything but sometimes we human need natural support too, which we can’t underestimate.

Here is the deal.

Assam land is highly fertile, from both sides [Brahmaputra valley and Barak Valley].

This fertility of the soil of Brahmaputra and Barak Valley, making compatible Assam for tea cultivation.

If you approach other places of India then there is no such other places,  agro land fertile and compatible like Assam for tea culture.

So this is the third reason of this state being the number one.

4. Unemployment: –

Sometimes our problems makes us number one.

Do you know my friend, this same theory works on Assam’s perspective? the unemployment level of this state is too high.

Youths have no jobs and on the other hand, because of poverty, they can’t even start a business on their own.

I am not saying that this ‘Unemployment’ problem is good, of course not.

But I think, because of this unemployment problem, youth are moving their mindset into tea cultivation; which is great.

And youth’s contribution is helping this state a lot again to be the number one.


5. The connection between generations: –

Assamese people have been doing tea cultivation for a long time, almost around 200 years.

This long time doing of the same work making these people more skilled and more willed.

Having the connection between two or three generations leading these people’s skill to the top level in tea agriculture.

So this generation connection is also a big reason for Assam’s tea field success.

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