5 years from now

5 years from now

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? What do you think you will be doing in five years from now? Do you think your life goals will change in five years from now? What do you think your relationship goals will be in five years from now? 

Have you ever thought about this?

Actually today while taking shower this question popped up into my mind. Then i started thinking about this topic and tons of questions (like listed above) came to me like a storm. Well, except today even i never thought about this topic. But now i found this topic so much interesting that i can’t stop thinking about this. And i thought that everyone should think about this. And it worth sharing with you.

Where i  see myself in five years?

As i am doing my CA so i think that in five years i’ll be doing my internship which is very easy to predict. But other than that i think i’ll have a  company on my name. Also maybe  i’ll be committed in a relationship or maybe i’ll be single, maybe i’ll be working for some NGO or maybe not, maybe i’ll be more selfish than i am now or maybe not, maybe i’ll find a way to control my aggression or maybe i’ll be more aggressive i thought on all of these topics and a lot more topics as well. And an idea came to my mind to write a letter to 5 years from now me to tell him what i think about him today and to guide him if he has gone to a wrong path.

Letter to five years from now me

Dear 5 years from now me,

Hey man! What up? Hope you’ll be fine and doing good in your life. And also now you would have a fully grown beard i believe. Even if you have a fully grown beard please don’t grow a mustache. I don’t no what’s up with your studies and all, you are still doing CA or not. And even i don’t care what you are doing what i only care is that you like what you are doing or not. You know the only dream i have is to become the youngest millionaire on earth. And i am working very hard for this and i will work very hard in future too. Just never ever forget about your goals what you’ve made.

Well, you always thought that love and relationship is not your kind of thing. Do you still think so? If yes then excellent and if no then you take care of it i don’t wanna talk about it. You know you were always a kind of guy who was extremely selfish and you thought that it’s good to be selfish i don’t have much knowledge about that so i am asking you did it helped you ever in these five years if yes then go on and if no promise yourself that you will try to change. 

Are you still a fond of racing cars and american muscles? You know you liked these cars a lot and Dodge challenger was your favourite car. And what about Piano do you still play Piano? If you ever gave up playing piano you will be very angry on yourself. Unless you play any other instrument. And what about games huh? I hope you still play games and never ever stop playing games.

After all these things I just want you to self analyse once and ask yourself that have you changed in a good way or a bad way. Because i believe that you must have changed. So just read this blog you wrote five years ago. And answer yourself all the questions in this blog. Also write another blog about this five year plan and again write a letter to five years from then you. And never stop partying and being crazy.

Also if time travel is possible then you can send me sign. I am sitting at home in drawing room and the time is 9:16 pm.


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