Top 50 Digital Marketers

Top Digital marketers are growing day by day in the world it is like fire in the forest and this fire keeps ongoing and getting bigger day by day. It is a great field in which you can make your career. Nowadays, it has become a trend to start a digital marketing agency. There is a digital marketer in each and every street. But today we will discuss our Research on top 50 Digital marketers which you can follow in 2019.

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Top 50 Digital marketers worldwide are;

top digital marketer

Brian Dean

He is one of the greatest Digital marketers in the world. The brain runs a company that you must have listened if you search online content by the name Backlinko. He is the founder at Backlinko. He founded this company in 2013 and very passionate about writing blogs in Competitive areas. Brain lives in Boston, Massachusetts.
Dean is an undergraduate from the University of Rhode Island in nutrition. And also he has done his Masters in the same field from Tufts.
Then he entered in Ph.D. at Purdue. Brain is basically an SEO expert today. He has started his digital marketing career a long back when he was having some knowledge of SEO and want to grow it more and by getting that knowledge he became SEO expert and today many of his SEO blogs ranked number one.


top digital marketer

Neil Patel is a co-founder of many companies like Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. He has helped many MNCs to grow their revenue and to make a great profit out of it.  also writes blogs and his blogs are worth it. He also sells multiple courses like his blogging course.  Neil Patel is one of the greatest digital marketing influencers all around the world.  He also has many followers due to his blogging skills and in today’s time, everyone wants to be like him. He has his site by his name


top digital marketer

 He is one of the most mentioned people in the market due to his very good marketing skills. As he has proven his marketing skills by multiplying the Revenue from 3 million dollars 60 million dollars in 5 years of his wine business which he has started with his family. Nowadays Gary runs his digital marketing agency with the name VaynerMedia. He is a good Angel investor and ventures capitalist as he has invested in many big companies like Uber, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

4. Sahil Khanna

top digital marketer

Sahil Khanna is one of the greatest digital marketers who work globally.  Basically, he is the owner of a reputed company known by Lapaas. Today Lapaas has a great market value as clients of Lapaas are all over the world.  He started this company in 2011 and have a very good experience in the market.  Sahil Khanna also started his digital marketing course from 2018. Also he runs two YouTube channels namely intellectual Indies with 500k subscribers and Sahil Khanna. He shares very good content on business and digital marketing which is worth it.


top digital marketer

He is one of the most common names in digital marketing. Tim is very smart In technology as he predicts the future of the company in the early stages and also an investor and advisor in big companies like Facebook,  Uber and many others. He is the author of four #1 NYT and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, including The 4-Hour Workweek and his latest, Tribe of Mentors. He is very popular in podcast also as he runs Tim Ferriss show which is very knowledgeable and due to that, he is a great influencer.


top digital marketer

He is one of the popular authors of 18 National best sellers on Amazon and has translated in more than 35 languages. He basically writes about the business like post-Industrial Revolution, the way ideas spread, about marketing, quitting, leadership, and most of all, changing everything.


Top 50 Digital marketers

She is a very good digital marketer and also known for her content as her content is fabulous and also ranks on top position in competitive keywords. Ann Is a content officer at Marketing Profs and also a columnist for Entrepreneur. She is also a bestseller and no one can beat her in content.


Top 50 Digital marketers

He is one of the passionate digital marketers and a very hard worker in his life. He is on the board of trustees at the Wikimedia Foundation. And due to his good personality, he is the brand ambassador of Mercedes Benz USA. It doesn’t last here he is also executive fellow at the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley). The guy is a chief evangelist of Canva and author of 13 bestselling books. He has achieved anything in his life as he is Former chief evangelist of Apple. Also, he is an expert in innovation and his digital skills are also very good but he is an expert in social media marketing and entrepreneurship.


Top 50 Digital marketers

 Rand is one of the most popular Digital marketers on social media.  He is a very hard worker and has very great achievements in his life as he is a founder of Moz and also coming  CEO of it. Is also a board member in a Presentation Software Startup  Haiku Deck. Rand is a multi-company person as he is a co-founder at and also he is a co-author and blogger of several books on SEO.


Top 50 Digital marketers

Michael can be said one of the next level bloggers in the world as his concept of giving content is very much different and unique as he built his own content and deliver it through Blogs. By this, he is said very good blogger by people and there are many followers of him all over the world. Also after blocker is a publisher and former literary agent. One of the latest books is Your Best Year Ever. people also follow him because of his podcast that is This is your life.


Jeff is a very interesting social media marketer as content marketing influencer, social media marketing strategist & keynote speaker. He also runs a company with name also he has personal brands and big companies to grow online with his company’s digital marketing skills and give them a proper growth in their revenue and other skill sets.


She is one of the creative social media marketers as she comes in one of the greatest digital marketers with the greatest reach on social media. She is popular by her books as she has written 40+ books On social media topics like the best practices for eBay, Twitter, Facebook and social media, plus many other related books. She is also an educator in the e-commerce industry.


Michael is a well-known keynote speaker and has done work globally on this. He also speaks on some topics like leadership, cultural and marketing. As Michael is the author of best-selling books and his work has been recognised by Many of the known companies like The economist The Guardian, and Entrepreneur. One office famous book is The Content Formula. Michael is recognised by HuffPost for top business speaker and also recognised by Forbes for top CMO.


She is one of the tops of digital marketers and also comes in the list of greatest social media followers. She also does many things like coaching, creating content, social media marketing. One of the best skill is social media marketing and also she consults for big companies. She always believes in finding new ways to grow exponentially and also suggest these ideas to companies.


Larry is an expert for giving his consultancy to big companies for AdWords, Facebook and various keyword tools. Also, he is a founder of  WordStream Inc which has a big name in the market of Internet Consulting Services. He is mainly an expert in entrepreneurship, Facebook advertisement, AdWords, and startups.


Jay is an expert in giving consultancies to big brands like The United Nations, Allstate, and Cisco by which he is a brand himself only. He is one of the most Important digital marketer and online customer service expert. And side by side he is the author of NYT bestselling and a very good keynote speaker.


He is one of the greatest authors as he is the author of 6 best selling books of marketing which helps people in marketing very much and they are worth it. Mark is also a social media marketer, keynote speaker and consultant and also runs a podcast with the name The Marketing Companion. He is one of the most experienced marketer in world as he has completed his 30 years in marketing with different positions.


She is one of the important ladies in the world of marketing as Forbes have recognised her in the top 10 social media influencer and also she is founder and CEO of Boom! Social, a corporate branding and social media consulting firm. Basically, she is an expert in social media and brand strategies.


He is a digital marketer with 13-years of experience. He has led many big companies like Salesforce, Mint, Intuit, and many more. He is also a contributor at Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur. He is Founder of a digital marketing agency which is web profit.


He is a very good entrepreneur and founder of Deu.  He does many other things also like he is a contributor to Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, and Mashable. He is also passionate about doing blogs on his lifestyle and epics on Forbes, Inc., HuffPost, and many other sites.


 Chris is a very intelligent man as the CEO of the owner-media group and also 9-time NYT bestselling author. He comes in the list of good consultants as he has consulted many big companies like  Disney, Coke, and Google.


She is a woman with great achievement in her lifetime as she is CEO and founder of Marketing Nuts. Pam was also recognised as the top 10 social media influencer in women by Forbes.  She is an expert in social media marketing and SEO. Pam also runs a Broadcast channel with a name Social Media Zoom Factor by which she has many followers.


He is a very clever man as you have the honour of NYT bestselling author 12 times. Basically, he is a motivational speaker. He is also an entrepreneur and a consultant with 12 years plus experience in marketing. He is a very great video marketer and social media influencer and also runs the Bad Crypto Podcast.


Ted is a genius in social media marketing and also he is a keynote speaker and a brand evangelist. He has also worked as CMO in Brand Innovators company. He is also a co-founder of Prevailing Path, and aTed created also.


He is a very great speaker as he is a keynote speaker at TED talks and other international venues also. He is also a very good consultant as he consults many of the 500 Fortune clients like M, Cisco, and Pitney Bowes on how to grow business online. Bryan is the author of many good books like Shareology & Human to Human. He is also CEO of PureMatter and also recognised by Forbes as a Zen master of marketing.

26. Pradeep Chopra  

He is one of the creative digital marketers as he has passed out from IIT Delhi. Pradeep Chopra is co-founder and CEO of digital Vidya which gives digital marketing course. He is also an international speaker and gives seminars and webinars which are worth it. And also he is one of the authors of digital marketing and Entrepreneurship which gives detail knowledge about digital marketing and also have proven very good in the Industry. Pradeep has conducted many  International Workshops like in Singapore, Click Asia Summit, TiEcon, Global Youth Marketing Forum and NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in India which gives him a great knowledge about digital marketing Internationally.

27.Deepak kanakaraju

Deepak kanakaraju is famous in the industry by his name digital Deepak you also run a site by the name digital Deepak. He has done a brilliant work on his site and his blogs are worth it. Deepak kanakaraju is also passionate about motorcycle and run various blogs by telling the audience about motorcycle and acknowledge them. He is a degree holder of a civil engineer but now he is one of the best digital marketers in India and by his story, many of other field people are inspired to do digital marketing.


He is a very great leader and known for his transparency and he lives in some of  his principles.  Pat is one of the people who have a very good social media reach. He is also a content creator in online entrepreneurship and good digital marketer. Also in finance, he runs blogs with name Smart Passive Income and also Hero stuff podcast program which is known as Ask Pat.


He is a very active worker and create content in Internet marketing strategy and advancing new developments in thought leadership on content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and a holistic view of customer-centric digital marketing. Lee is a very good author speaker consultant and CEO at TimRank. 

30. Sorav Jain

 He is one of the best digital marketers in India and run his own digital marketing agency with the name echovme and also runs He started his Digital marketing career at a very short age of 17. He Pursued his bachelor from Loyola College in Chennai and Logistic and his Masters in international marketing Management from Leeds University Business School.

Saurav Jain has got plenty of award in social media and also is a digital marketing agency was recognised as the best digital marketing agency in 2013 by CMO Asia.  he is very Motivated person And has a vision of giving away Free digital marketing and he is also working for this. 


He is one of the leading Social media management and very intelligent in Other marketing skills.  He runs a website by his name is a person with great social media reach on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Instagram due to his activeness on the social media.  he is also a co-founder of Leneys.


He is a person who is recognised as the best Keynote Speaker, leader, and also the author in innovation and digital transformation. Some of his best books are X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, explores the importance of experiences and how to design them for customers, employees and human beings everywhere.

33.Prateek Shah

He is one of the leading Digital marketers in India.  Pratik Shah also teaches at digital Vidya where he gives digital marketing coaching. He also gives a lot of seminars and webinar. It doesn’t last here Prateek is also the founder of digital defyn which is a community of Member which gives digital marketing solutions like Marketing Services training hiring product review and many more.

34.TAMARA McCleary

Tumhara is one of the best social media influencers and also expert in the fields of  B2B and B2C  marketing. As due to her personality and her work she has many followers socially and she is recognised internationally as an expert on branding, influence & social business.

35.Joe Pulizzi

Top 50 Digital marketers

He is one of the leading educational speakers as he speaks in seminars and webinars across the world. Joe Is one of the Content marketers as you also run a content marketing Institute Also a content marketing strategist.  He has a very keen focus in content marketing and no one can replace him in this. He is is a very good best seller has written a book including content marketing, killing marketing, and epics content marketing named Must read business book By Fortune magazine.

36.Harsh Agarwal

Top 50 Digital marketers

Harshit is a BTech degree holder from Sharda University but professionally he works as a full-time blogger and also so he was working in  Convergys before full-time blogger. According to him he is an accidental blogger and has defined that incident in many of his blogs.  He runs a very famous site that is shoutmeloud which makes him different from others As writing good content like him is not a job for all person and his logs very much define and add some value in your life.


Top 50 Digital marketers

In the list of top digital marketers, Elizabeth is one of them as we have achieved many things in life. she is a PPC speaker at SMX, Mozcin, PPC Hero. She is also ClickZ columnist and author of and Dummies books. She has written a book named PPC fundamentals and Google shopping.


Top 50 Digital marketers

She is one of the great personality in digital marketers as he is author and CEO of Top dog social media. Also, she is one of the LinkedIn experts. She is a blogger and also a social media influencer and she uses her skills to check the behaviour of the market by her blogs.

39.Kunal Chaudhary

Top 50 Digital marketers

Kunal Choudhary is a very aggressive digital marketer and believes in achieving goals in a lifetime. He is one of the faces that you must have seen on YouTube as he is is Founder and director of Delhi School of internet marketing which is also known as DSIM. He has done his MBA from Amity University in marketing. He has around 10 year Indians in digital marketing and has done marketing for many of the top brands of India like Jabong, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and many more. Kunal Choudhary is a hard worker as his digital marketing Institute comes in top 10 in Delhi.  His all digital marketing skills are very good but he is an expert of affiliate marketing.

40.Anoop Mishra

Top 50 Digital marketers

Anup Mishra is a digital marketer which comes and top 10 in India.  He is working on digital marketing from many years and has given support to many companies to grow digitally. He is one of the best social media strategists in India. Anoop Mishra also runs a company with name publicity matra and also he is a co-founder of this company. Anup has achieved multiple degrees like BCA, MCA and has also done MBA in marketing.


Top 50 Digital marketers

She is is very hardworking and one of the intelligent person as her success led her to be the recipient of the prestigious Technology Titan Emerging Company CEO award. Also, she is the founder and CEO of Marketing Zen. She is also a very good keynote speaker, author, media personality and globe trotter she is awarded by both White House and The United Nation for being under top 100 lists of young women entrepreneurs.


Top 50 Digital marketers

He is doing many things in life as he is a keynote speaker, author, Blogger and podcaster also. He is also the founder of many things like ProBlogger, ProBlogger event, & DigitalPS.

43.Aashiv Mathur

Top 50 Digital marketers

Aashiv Mathur is one of the founder and CEO at  which have a very good name in digital marketing agencies. He is a blogger, YouTuber and runs many affiliate programs also. He has expertise in SEO, social media, and content marketing. Aashiv also runs a site by his name called


Top Digital marketers

He is a chief editor at Shopify Plus and also a very good blogger, content marketer, freelancer And also a copywriter. Also contribute to  Entrepreneur, Success, Fast Company, HuffPost, and more.


Top Digital marketers

She is a senior training and development Manager at Microsoft.Also, she is a columnist of search engine land and searches engine watch. She is a conference speaker at big companies like SMX, State of Search and MozCon.  her hobby is to travel and by this so she knows 6 languages.

46.Rohit Onkar

Top Digital marketers

Rohit Onkar started his digital marketing career in 2011 with Performics Convonix After doing engineering in mechanics. He is a person with great passion and vision.  he was on the post of digital media advisor in the Company national payment Corporation of India ( NPCI). Rohit Onkar is currently finding Digital solutions for  Loylty Rewardz Management Pvt. Ltd. He is also an author on Social Media today and also has a Quora account by which you can get in touch with him and can ask questions.


Top Digital marketers

He is founder and CEO at influencive. Also, he is a writer at many companies like Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Business Insider.

48.Jitendra Vaswani

Top Digital marketers

Jitendra Vaswani is a person with a degree of Engineering in IT from Rajasthan Technical University. he started his career as an SEO executive but his other digital marketing skills are also very good and he is an expert in affiliate marketing like  Kunal Chaudhary. Jitendra Vaswani is a creative digital marketer as he has built a plugin for WordPress with the name schemaninja which Improve your SEO by the plugin recommendations and schema star rating.


Top Digital marketers

He is the man which podcast Entrepreneur on Fire.  His podcast has been awarded by iTunes as the best podcast. He is also the author of some books like The Mastery Journal and The Freedom Journal.

50. Navraj

Top Digital marketers

He is a very intelligent man and comes among the top digital marketer in India and also he is the co-founder of he also runs many affiliate programs and he is pretty knowledgeable about the digital marketer.

You can also be a Digital Marketer by learning Digital Marketing from any of the top 20 Digital Marketing institute.

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