Hi Mom & Dad,

We almost telecom weekly and chats a lot, but being a shy person I never expressed what i am feeling here in my hostel without you guys truly. Therefore, i decided to express myself through this letter. I hope you guys will be there in the next morning when you read it.

Life at this hostel is a mess, i don’t get food timely, i sleep late though woke up early by our Hitler sort of Warden which causes dark circles below my eyes and my health is inching forward towards disaster. My room mate is someone who is like blood sucking monster to me as he just look for petty reasons to start a fight with me. The room is not bigger than our bathroom in which two people need to survive. The bed sheets are often dirty with so much dust that if i hit the bed, i start coughing due to dust. The walls are painted with red color while the light provided is the old yellow light bulbs which are extremely painful for eyes.

Gotcha! I know, I know you guys are become extremely worried about me, but don’t be as you know your son is quite an idiot and is good at making jokes.

My hostel is one of the best in the business and the Warden Sir is a super human being, he takes care each and every person with utmost sincerity. The rooms, bed and environment all and all everything is perfect here. My room mate is also a very punctual and disciplined person. I have a very peaceful yet entertaining life here. I have joined baseball team of the hostel and become a prominent player there. The boys in the hostel are fashionable yet very well mannered. My part time job is going on very well and just got raise in my income.

I am partying almost every week with my friends and we as a group just visited to the San Francisco for a wonderful event where i met girl of my life and i proposed her which she accepted (how, it is a different funny story which i will share on my visit).

Mom! Dad! I have everything here which i dreamed but believe me; I am not happy at all not a bit without you. I miss you guys and there is an unfilled gap which i felt in my daily life. I miss the food you cook mom, i miss your lectures which you give me to be a better man, i miss your care which was emerges in every action of yours, i miss the love which constantly reflects from your eyes and i miss your sweet scolding over my mistakes. Dad; i miss your advises during our walks in evening, i miss encouragement which you forwarded at every step of my career and i miss the moment when you cancelled your trip with friends just because i was ill.

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you have done for me and on this Valentine day i just want to say that you were, are and will remain my Valentine for the rest of my life.

Last but not the least, i will be visiting you on this Valentines day 2019 with your Valentine days gifts.

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