Ashoka’s Secret Society :- 9 Unknown Men

  Ashoka’s Secret Society:- 9 Unknown Men

The Emperor Ashoka

According to occult lore, the Nine Unknown Men are a two millennia-old secret society founded by the Indian Emperor Ashoka 273 BC. The legend of The Nine Unknown Men goes back to the time of Emperor Ashoka, who was the grandson of Chandragupta. Ambitious like his ancestor whose achievements he was anxious to complete, he conquered the region of Kalinga which lay between what is now Calcutta and Madras. The Kalingans resisted and lost 100,000 men in the battle. At the sight of this massacre, Ashoka was overcome and resolved to follow the path of non-violence.

A convert to Buddhism, Asoka

by his own virtuous example, spread this religion throughout India and his entire empire which included Malaya, Ceylon, and Indonesia. Later Buddhism penetrated to Nepal, Tibet, China, and Mongolia.

Ashoka nevertheless respected all religion.

He preached vegetarianism, abolished alcohol and the slaughter of animals. H.G. Wells, in his abridged version of his _Outline Of World History_ wrote: “Among the tens of thousands of names of monarchs accumulated in the files of history, the name of Asoka shines almost alone, like a star.” It is said that Emperor Ashoka, aware of the horrors of war, wished to forbid men ever to put their intelligence to evil uses. Converted to Buddhism after the massacre, the Emperor founded the society of the Nine to preserve and develop knowledge that would be dangerous to humanity if it fell into the wrong hands


It is said that once aware of the horrors of war, wished to forbid men ever to put their intelligence to evil uses. During his reign, natural science, past and present, was vowed to secrecy. Henceforward, and for the next 2,000 years, all researchers, leveling from the structure of matter to the techniques employed in collective psychology, were to be hidden behind the mystical mask of a people commonly believed to be exclusively concerned with ecstasy and supernatural phenomena.

Ashoka founded the most powerful secret society on earth:

that of the Nine Unknown Men.One can imagine the extraordinary importance of secret knowledge in the hands of nine men benefiting directly from experiments, studies and documents accumulated over a period of more than 2,000 years.

It is still thought that the great men responsible for the destiny of modern India, and scientists like Bose and Ram believe in the existence of the Nine, and even receive advice and messages from them.

What can have been the aim of these men?

Not to allow methods of destruction to fall into the hands of unqualified persons and to pursue knowledge which would benefit mankind. Their numbers would be renewed by co-option, so as to preserve the secrecy of techniques handed down from ancient times.Each of the Nine is supposedly responsible for guarding and improving a single book. These books each deal with a different branch of potentially hazardous knowledge. Traditionally, the books are said to cover the following subjects:

Secret Book’s

The nine Book’s

  • First Book: Propaganda and Psychological warfare is a concerted set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions or behavior of large numbers of people. Instead of impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense presents information in order to influence its audience. “the most dangerous of all sciences, as it is capable of moulding mass opinion.
  • Second Book: Physiology is the study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of living organisms. The book of The Nine included instructions on how to perform the “touch of death (death being caused by a reversal of the nerve-impulse which means killing by just touching).” One account has Judo being a product of material leaked from this book.
  • Third Book: Microbiology, and, according to more recent speculation, Biotechnology. In some versions of the myth, the waters of the Ganges are purified with special microbes designed by the Nine and released into the river at a secret base in the Himalayas. Multitudes of pilgrims, suffering from the most appalling diseases, bathe in them without harming the healthy ones. The sacred waters purify everything. Their strange properties have been attributed to the fact that they contain bacteriophages. But why should these not be formed in the Brahmaputra, the Amazon or the Seine?
  • Fourth Book: Alchemy, including the transmutation of metals. In India, there is a persistent rumor that during times of drought or other natural disasters temples and religious organizations receive large quantities of gold from an unknown source. The mystery is further deepened with the fact that the sheer quantity of gold throughout the country in temples and with kings cannot be properly accounted for, seeing that India has few gold mines.
  • Fifth Book: Communication, including communication with extraterrestrials.
  • Sixth Book: Gravitation. Book 6 The Vaiminaka Sastra is said to contain the instructions necessary to build a Vimana, sometimes referred to as the “ancient UFOs of India.”
  • Seventh Book: Cosmology, the capacity to travel at enormous speeds through space-time fabric, and time-travel; including inter-universal trips.
  • Eighth Book: Light, the capacity to increase and decrease the speed of light, to use it as a weapon by concentrating it in a certain direction etc.
  •  Ninth Book: Sociology, including rules concerning the evolution of societies and how to predict their downfall.
Secret Book’s Holder’s


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