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6 phases of trade union in India

1.Pre (1918) There are 6 phases of Trade Unions in India. The setting up of jute mile laying of to railways-1850, labour moment India dated back to 1860, and leadership was taken up by S.S Bengle (1905,1907,1910). early trade union-the period(1918-1990) people involved in India as a founder Mr.M.K Lokhande he was in the 1890 in which was known as the the Bombay mil and hand association. the labour journal was called Dinaabonthy after(1890) abrige of labour unions were started in country and the principle unions are as follows. 1. SOCIETY OF RAILWAY SERVANT OF INDIA (1890) 2. PRINTERS UNION...

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 Some people accuse him of being a ruthless political manipulator  But the same tactics are toda civilised actions as clever diplomatic moves, May be, he was too ahead of the times chanakya existed in. Whatever he did he did it to safeguard the interests of his motherland which was being ravaged by narrow minded quarrelling chieftans and kings while a foreign invader was subjugating the country. Like a colossus he made the world take notice of India and warned it to treat it respectfully. To add to these talents, he possessed awesome administrative capabilities and economic planning skills Medieval...

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GST to be charged on fuel?

Winter session of parliament. GST to be charged on fuel?  In recent Winter Session of parliament, our Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley gave an indication on GST to be included in fuel. What Will Happen? GST to be charged on fuel? If includes in fuel the price’s may fall down which is good for consumer’s said finance minister. Thus the decision is to be taken regarding. Discussion session may be arranged with our former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh well-known economist too.  So if the GST gets added it may be useful and pocket-friendly. Current rate’s As the rates are changing...

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  Kamlesh: Solution Boy Kamlesh is a 13 year old boy who ran away from home and came to delhi to earn some living. Here he is a rag picker and a begger he hardly ea.  Instead of eating a stomach full meal he is into drug practices. As a poor road side boy who hardly earns a living is into drug practice sounds creepy. Nashebaaz – the dying people of delhi. Nashebaaz the dying people of delhi was a documentary movie about the addiction of drugs addiction into people of delhi specially the ones those who don’t have shelter on...

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Egyptian god’s

  Egyptian God’s Egyptian god’s majorly presented as half human and half animal form. Majorly they are kind of powerful and unique god’s in themselves with unique power’s. Below are 10 Of those which are being specified.   1. Amun  ra Very first Egyptian god’s is Amun ra is the sun god and the greater most god of every one. The creator of the world, sky, earth and the great underworld was said to be the most powerful god. He is most commonly known to be father of wind god and rain goddess . It was normally ra’s job to defeat the...

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