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Pyramid – Egyptian pyramid mystery within | Everything you need to know

Pyramid – Egyptian Pyramid secrets within Egyptian pyramid has secret within. Ancient civilisation does lie greatest thing’s within and pyramid and ancient Egypt is the fine example of it. There are pyramid’s all over world but main attraction of everyone is pyramid’s of giza in Egypt due to the complex mathematical calulations. Pyramid of giza. These pyramids belongs to khufu khafre menkaure. But fact is there is no mummy inside this,as archeological surveys told that later mummies were shifted to other place’s which is unknown. Pyramid site’s were  burial site’s of king. Pyramid of giza is in only pyramid...

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NEW GST REGISTRATION PROCESS ONLINE FOR A NEW GST REGISTRATION PROCESS ONLINE FOLLOW THE STEPS MENTIONED AND REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS WITH GST WITHIN 15 MINUTES. 1. Initially for the New GST Registration Process Online first, the taxpayer needs to login to the GST Portal and then under the Taxpayers column click on “Register Now” Button. 2. As soon as you click on the “Register Now” Button, you will be taken to a New Registration Form where you have to fill in the complete and accurate details. Note: Please select your District accurately and Enter your Legal Name of...

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Mummification Process – All about Mummification Ancient Egypt

Mummification Process – All about Mummification Mummification process is done in ancient Egypt and in other various countries in the sense to preserve the body and the huge believe in afterlife  As in ancient time, there was a great belief in an afterlife and the belief of the afterlife comes from the Egyptian legacy. As there was a belief in an afterlife and the medium was through pyramid a dead person was mummified and kept with a lot’s of gold, food, utensils and various thing’s with him/her to get through the afterlife. Mummification is the process in which a...

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The God Of Sky and Kingship . Horus. The son of Osiris and Isis. Is one of the most significant of ancient Egypt deities. He was worshipped at least late prehistoric Egypt untill the Ptolemaic kingdom to the Roman Egypt. Horus has been recorded as a god with lanner falcon, Peregrine falcon or a man with falcon head. Though it is said that he was born to a virgin mother was reincarnation of Horus the elder or serket. As he was the first one to ever die in mankind of history as per Egypt history and culture. The earliest recorded form of...

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Business cycle, inflation and deflation

Business cycle The short-term variations in economic activity are known as business cycles or business fluctuations. What causes business fluctuation? How can government policies reduce their virulence? Economists were largely unable to answer these questions until 1930’s. At the point, it was the revolutionary theories of J. M. Keynes that pointed to the importance of the Forces of aggregate demand In determining business cycle. The term business cycle or economic cycle refers to economy-wide fluctuations in production, trade and economic activity in general over several months or years in an economy organized on free-enterprise principles. The effect of upswing...

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