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Sexual Assaults: Curse For Our Nation

Sexual Assaults: Curse For Our Nation “Free Me from the Shackles of the society and I will Change the world” Sexual Assaults have become a curse for our country.Every day hundreds of Sexual Assaults, Physical abuses commonly called ‘Rapes’ takes place in the whole nation. Some of these Sexual Assaults gets disclose while others remain bury. The only reason why women remain quite even after their Sexual Assaults is the fear from society. She is in the shackles of this so-called society.  What People will say when they will know about this? How will they react? Will I still...

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Youth: The Global Power

 Youth: The Global Power Youth is considered as power for every nation. Every Nation is Proud of their Youth power because they are representatives of Strength, freshness, power and spirit of their nation. Youth constitutes around 18 % of the Total population of the world. Furthermore, Youths are changing the world and therefore setting trends for coming generations. Most Noteworthy, today’s Youth is transforming the world along with their highly spirited attitude, creative minds and desire to explore. Therefore,many youth Icons are coming forward to inspire others by sharing their journey to attain success and overcome failures. Do you...

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Virtual Internships – The Rising Trend

 Virtual Internships/Work from Home Internships/Online Internships  A Virtual Internships or Online Internship is a Work from Home internship programs where students can learn and earn their expenses by working at their Home. The trend of Virtual Internships is increasing because they have to work only for few hours a day. Interns work in the warmth of their homes.As a result, they gain experience while working with various companies. So interested in Virtual Internships? Are you a student who is in college or school from 9 to 5 or a woman who wants to restart your career? Do you want to...

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