Author: Aditya Sharma

New cars for 2018

New cars for 2018 2017 was a big hit in cars. Let’s see what new we have for 2018 1. Alfa Romeo Stelvio This is a beautiful luxury SUV which is also Alfa Romeo’s first SUV. It consist of Q4 all-wheel drive system which delivers best in class acceleration, a perfect 50/50 weight balance, best-in class steering wheel ratio, powerful alumunium engines and a carbon fiber driveshaft. The first Alfa Romeo SUV can meet the highest expectations of any individual’s truly hilarious driving experience. Moreover, it has innovative platform and premier technology. Stelvio is also a safety hub as...

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Moody’s upgraded India’s credit rating

Moody’s upgraded India’s credit rating On friday morning global credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Services raised India’s sovereign rating from Baa3 to Baa2. It has been raised for the first time in 14 years. It cites India’s high growth potential in the upcoming years. The global credit rating firm said that Moody’s expectation to continue progress on economical and institutional reforms is going to enhance India’s high growth potential and its financial base for government debt, and is also likely to contribute a decline in general government debt burden over the time. That’s why they are upgrading India’s credit...

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5 years from now

5 years from now Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? What do you think you will be doing in five years from now? Do you think your life goals will change in five years from now? What do you think your relationship goals will be in five years from now?  Have you ever thought about this? Actually today while taking shower this question popped up into my mind. Then i started thinking about this topic and tons of questions (like listed above) came to me like a storm. Well, except today even i never thought about this...

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Delhi pollution, Effects, Causes and Remedies

Delhi pollution, effects causes and remedies Ever smoked a cigarette? It really doesn’t matter now because inhaling normally in Delhi is now equal to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. Even if you haven’t smoked in your life going out in this condition can make you ‘one packet a day man’. The air quality index of delhi is 451 where the maximum level is 500. Actually this is an airlock situation where the air is moving at a speed of 2-3 km, that’s why smog is not sweeping away and is hanging low. And it has become poisonous because of it...

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Right-angled triangle trigonometry

Right-angled triangle trigonometry  Introduction Trigonometry is the study of the relations between the sides and angles of triangles. The word “trigonometry” is derived from the Greek words trigono, meaning “triangle”, and metro, meaning “measure”. Though the ancient Greeks, such as Hipparchus and Ptolemy, used trigonometry in their study of astronomy between roughly 150 B.C. – A.D. 200, its history is much older. For example, the Egyptian scribe Ahmes recorded some rudi- mentary trigonometric calculations (concerning ratios of sides of pyramids) in the famous Rhind Papyrus sometime around 1650 B.C.   The first use of the idea of ‘sine’ in...

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