Author: Ayush Singh

How To Properly Add A New Post In WordPress

How To Properly Add A New Post In WordPress Hello, enthusiastic readers welcome to Let’s Whenever it comes to blogging the first option which comes in our mind is WordPress. WordPress is the best Content Management System out there. There are many reasons why I love WordPress one of the reason is writing blog post is quite easy. It provides you with tons of option to write and customize your blog post. But if you are new to WordPress then you may face some difficulty in the beginning in writing your post in WordPress. But you need not worry, today in this beginners guides...

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How To Password Protect Any Pendrive? Top Methods

How To Password Protect Pendrive? Top Methods Hello, enthusiastic readers welcome to Let’s Pendrives have become one of the best storage devices. We can use the pendrive for storing valuable information as well as for transferring data. With the advent of OTG cables, the scope of pendrives has increased further. However,  storing sensitive data like private images, videos on an unprotected USB pendrive is foolish as the USB stick can be lost or misplaced putting the private information at risk. Today in this article I will tell how you can password protect pendrive. So without wasting much time, let’s get started. ALSO READ...

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