Author: Samiksha Kachore

Reading effectively and in faster pace

Reading effectively and in faster pace…   Reading effectively and efficiently is one of the important part of  one’s life .It is by reading effectively and efficienctly, we gain knowledge .Reading in general is a simple process but to make it more effective and have a greater impact on our mind,its vital to understand the importance of reading,how it can shape our brain and can even enhance our its necessary for reading effectively and efficiently.       As a student its mandatory to have good writing skills which can be improved by reading.  Researches have shown that reading...

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Discipline…. A way of life

Discipline                        A   key                                 factor    in                                one’s   life … Discipline is not just a word but the way of life. Discipline is a term which means a practise to develop one’s moral characters. we all wanted to be successful but have forgotten the ingredients that take us to the new level. when it comes to...

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Psychological necessities… Excellence to me is all about living to my highest potential and living my best life. It is about going above and beyond the ordinary. The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence regardless of their situation or circumstances.The pursuit of excellence takes practice and perseverance.Here are three main ideas for practicing the psychological necessities for an extraordinary success. 1)Associate your identity with success:- Associating your identity means self-exploring the journey of your life.Have goals in life, take calculated risks, challenge your own capabilities.This needs focus and focus comes when...

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