BEGINNER GYM WORKOUT -Ultimate Fitness Guide

So you have finally decided to start you Beginner Gym Workout and include exercise in your daily regimen!

Cool, let me inform you that this can be one of the best decisions of your life because it was for me!…

 Actually including workout and fitness in your life can start a series of events that can make your life exponentially productive.

So now you must be wondering what to do? and Where to start from? Which Beginner Gym Workout program is the best? Cardio or Weight Training? Ah, don’t worry all your queries will be solved by the end of this article…..Beginner Gym Workout


Beginner Gym Workout
  • Exercising regularly will boost your energy levels
  • Will help you live longer!
  • Reduce any risk of further injuries.
  • Keep you away from diseases.
  • Drop down all your stress levels.
  • Will make you look better and more confident about yourself.
  • Save you money on medical bills.


Beginner Gym Workout

First, you need to find out your Activity level. Basically, there are three categories of people – Sedentary(no activity), Active(moderately active), Very Active(highly active).

So now as you must have known you fall under which category, so accordingly you need to keep certain things in mind before starting the exercise.

Sedentary people or those who have never exercised before or those who have left it from a long time should start with very light activities such as walking or brisk walking for at least a month in order to allow their body to get used to exercising.

Gradually they should progress to a jogging or other routines of their choice.

You need to understand that our body adapts to changes slowly, that is the reason why more than 80% of people quit exercise very soon after starting because they shock their body that results in irresistible muscle soreness the very next day.

 Even when I professionally create an exercise program we have to keep in mind the principle of progression(slowly progressing with intensity).


Fitness assessment

This is one of the most important steps you need to take before start working out and this includes a thorough fitness inspection of your body through certain fitness tests which you can get done in a local gym because that will make it easy for you to have a good understanding of your body and current fitness level.

Flexibility is also a very essential and primary part of the fitness assessment.

Every individual has different flexibility levels so its a very important step.

to know more about flexibility go to this link.


I highly suggest you not to follow any random Beginner Gym Workout program that you get easily on the internet because everyone is different and have different bodies and genetics one standard program cannot get you proper results until you have a good understanding of your fitness level.

So it is better to get under the guidance of a fitness professional like certified trainers and doctors in case of your health and if you can’t get one for some reasons that its must to do some research beforehand by reading articles like these.


Now that you have started exercising you can apply FIIT principle for proper progression as you advance.

FIIT basically stands for  -Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type.

We have to work making changes in any one of these as we progress. Frequency:- The frequency of exercise performed for example – 3 days a week or two or one.

Intensity:- The intensity of exercise performed, for example, the intensity of cardio or the intensity of weight training.

Time:- Time span for which the exercise is performed.

Type:- Type of exercise performed.

You have to keep in mind that progression will be made by taking only one of these in mind. Like first you work on the frequency of your workout than you work on the Intensity of your workouts than Time and then Type.


Beginner Gym Workout

It is very necessary to have a clear understanding of your goal because for a fat loss client strength training will not yield optimal results, you should be clear with what you want and then start working on it accordingly.


Building consistency instead of focusing on intensity can really help you with developing a habit of exercising regularly and I would suggest that even on rest days don’t take complete rest but instead of it should be active rest like low-intensity cardio on rest days. Because intensity will build up gradually as you exercise regularly.


Beginner Gym Workout

This can be the one life-saving tip for you if you apply this in your life and this is based on the principle of individual differences which says that every individual I different and the workout should be designed based on his individual differences.

You need to identify and know how your body reacts to the program you follow and then apply necessary changes in your program. This fact applies to nutrition as well.

 You need to make choices of your diet plan wisely because if you choose something which you can follow for longer then there will be no use of including that diet plan.

 I personally promote flexible dieting until you are a professional athlete. Because having a cheat meal once twice or three times a month is totally ok and you should not get the idea that only people who eat boiled food throughout the year stay fit.

This is just because the fitness industry is so hyped up of so many myths that people think it’s impossible to stay fit throughout the life, I believe that’s not true staying fit is very easy if you work hard and smart at the same time.


Beginner Gym Workout

There will be situations when you will hit a saturation point and you will stop seeing results.

That is the time when most of the people lose their cool  and quiet  this is the time when you need to understand that its completely natural to hit a plateau and soon your body will progress after modifying you program incorrect manner so don’t be impatient at these times and just remember that “ Rome was not built in a day ”.

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