Benefits of converting business offline to online

Benefits of converting business offline to online

Many people do business, some have small business and shops, some also have a big business but offline. Today, we will talk about the benefits of converting business offline to online

1· 24 hours service

Benefits of converting business offline to online. Every person who does business or has shops have timings. For example, a person opens his or her shop at 9:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm. It means he or she has timings and giving customers only 12 hours service. But if u runs an online business, customers will get 24 hours service. A person can buy your product anytime and from anywhere in India

2· Brand equity

benefits of Converting business offline to online get results in the increment of brand equity. Brand equity means the value of your own brand in the market. Brand equity increases online because people from all over the world will get to know about your brand and it’s existence or value.

3· No negotiability

Let us talk about offline business and shops. Some customers who visit your shop will try to negotiate. For example, you have a particular thing costs 1000 rupees and you may find your customer negotiating the price and asking for reducing the price of that thing.  But on the other hand, if u runs your business online you will get the full price of your item because let us assume that you are selling your product on Amazon or on any other website. People do not negotiate the price of that product as the website does not have any option of negotiation.

4· All over world business expansion

If u run your business offline, it will get limited into certain limits. For example, you are running your business offline in Delhi, only the people of Delhi know you shop and you can do your business maximum in your own city. People in other cities will not have any idea about your shop. If you wanna expand your business all over the world, you should do business online as it expands your business and people from over the world can see your product and also can buy your product. 

5· Remarketing customers 

Let us assume that your shop is located in Delhi and obviously many customers visit your shop in a day. You have no idea about your customers’ identity as there is a number of thousand customers who visit your shop. On the opposite side (online business) you will get to know about the name, address, phone number, email I, etc of each and every person, who bought your products because it is necessary to fill these options to buy anything. You can remarket your customers by showing ads on Google, Chrome, Instagram, Facebook, etc of new products of your brand. By doing so, you can force your the customer to visit your page or website again.

6· Transparency

Transparency means to get visible your business. If you have an offline business, it does not have any transparency. Not even a single person know about the authentication of your product but if u do business online every person will know about your product, brand or website. They will be able to find transparency and other details of your product such as your Instagram and Facebook page. 

7· Authentication

First of all, authentication means originality, genuine. Some customers do not believe that this product is authentic means original or authorized so they will remain unsatisfied. But vice versa if we do business online, a person can check the originality of your product by surfing on the Internet. It means online business also do satisfy the clients or customers so that people can buy their products blindly


8· Operate from anywhere

Operate from anywhere means that we can operate our product from anywhere in India. Let us assume that we are going to Punjab on vacations and we had a warehouse in Delhi. We can sell our products from Punjab also as you will receive orders online and you can give the command to your employees to receive these orders by sending them order list online

9· Increase turnover

If you do an offline business, you will receive customers from your city only. But if you have any unique product you want to expand your product then you must do online business and it may result in increase turnover or brand expansion

10· Easy for customer

Nowadays every person has a hectic schedule, so they do not want to waste their time by visiting different shops of a certain city. They prefer online shopping rather than offline due to wastage of time they also have different options to buy a product, they can visit more and more websites of a particular product. You can upload pictures or videos of your product and the customer can buy them sitting at home. People find this way easier as compared to offline shopping.

I recommend all of you to do online business as it has many profits which are described in the above paragraphs. If you do not want to do online business then you should make more and more social accounts related to your products and must upload pictures of your products on Instagram, Facebook or Google accounts it helps to increase the value of your products in essence brand equity. Make sure if you do any kind of business takes online your business.


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