Besides Kundli What Else You Should Match? Part-2

Husband-wife’s understanding level makes a Relationship strong and happy.

Let’s take another test…of Besides Kundli What Else You Should Match?

Here I would like to tell you why you need to know about your partners’ background and nurturing. And here are some questions for you, and you have to answer these questions acc. to your life standard, How you have lived from your childhood to teenage (till 20).

 what was your financial status at that time etc, if you don’t answer these questions acc. to your childhood status then your reading of this blog will be waste. So answer honestly.. (Unmarried people can also answer and by asking these questions to your partner you can find out your special one.

You can answer and exchange the answer sheet with your partner).

Tick mark on your answer..

Read the description before the questions and then answer…

In this question below, tick one from parents, and tick one from Grandparents.

1. Who was dominating between your parents and also between your grandparents?

*Father   *Mother *Grandfather       *Grandmother

In this question below don’t think which class u belong to, just think in your childhood, did you faced money problem or not and tick acc. to that.

2. How was your financial status?

*Lower Class           *Upper Class

In this question below, you have to tell, before marriage were you lavish or miser, that’s it.

3. How was your life Style?

*Lavish                      *Miserly

In this question below, you have to tell how much importance has been given to studies in your family.

Example:- let’s assume the boy’s family didn’t focus much on studies and if the child get passed its enough for them but in girls’ family everybody is at a good post like doctor, engineer etc.. so girls’ family’s focus was very much on studies.

And now when these two diff people with diff background will get married, and when the child goes to his father for guidance and when he goes to his mother for guidance, think how much the child will get confused. Because the way you were nurtured the same way you are going to nurture your child. that’s why we emphasis on this topic Besides Kundli What Else You Should Match?

So think how was your family before marriage and tick acc. to that.

4.   Emphasis on Education

*High                         *Low

In this question you have to tell how much you care one another in your family.

Like some families, if anybody gets sick then they take care of them a lot and some families believes in making their child Ruff and tuff so that he child can take care of himself.

Example:- the boy belongs to a family where if anybody gets sick then they don’t care much because they believe that everybody is capable of doing his work. So if the child of this family gets sick and his parents has a plan for movie then they go for movie and tell their child that everything is on his table and if there is any emergency then call us we will come at once

But the girl belongs to a family where they take care of one another very much, so when she gets sick her father take off from the office and sit next to her the whole day.

Now if these two people with diff background will get married and if the girl gets sick asks to her husband that he should take off from the office, but the boy brought up differently, then what he will say? That you should rest and everything is on your table and if there is any emergency then call me and I’ll come at once otherwise see you in the evening.

But now the girl will think that her husband doesn’t love her and she calls to her mother and say I am not feeling ok and he went to his office. For him his work is more important than me, and the fight begins.

So friends now you have understood, how important these things need to understand to maintain a good relationship, that’s why we emphasis on this topic Besides Kundli What Else You Should Match?

So tick the answer acc. how much you took care of one another in your family.

5. Care for each other

*High                         *Low

In this question you have to tell how important the religion was in your family & childhood. Is it high or low? Some families believe very much in religion and some don’t.

Think it yourself, Sometimes what happens that boy’s family believes very much in religion and the girls’ family doesn’t or vise-versa. So it may become a big reason for fight. So even fights could happen over bringing eggs or whisky at home.

6.   Importance of religion and Spirituality.

*High                         *Low

In this you have to tell how social your family was. How frequently you or your neighbors’ visit one another’s home?

Like in some families father’s sister plays a great role in home decisions and they are respected a lot but on other had girls’ family do the opposite (because at her home her father’s sister are not respected too much), so the girl feel uncomfortable and doesn’t give respect to his relatives and it becomes a big reason of fights.

Or the boy’s family is not very social and used to be a nuclear family but the girl is from a joint & big family and is very social. So the girl feels very lonely and suffocated, it becomes a problem also.

7.   Your Social Connection/ Get together.

*High                         *Low

In this question you have to tell when fights used to happen in your family, did the people talked in a high pitch or very low voice?

Like in some families they start yelling over a little issue, the issue is not big but they abuse one another but after an hour they don’t remember nothing and all becomes normal. And they don’t take these little fights personal (on heart).

And in some families big fights do happen quietly even neighbor doesn’t realize that, has there happened anything, in these families fights can be resolved very quietly without yelling.

Now if the girl is from this family and the boy -where they used to abuse one another, and if they got married and when the fight takes place, think what the boy will do? He abuse on his wife in anger but the girl never faced this bad situation before (heard these bad words before), his one bad word will harm her like an atom bomb and she may get an attack.

Now you can under stand why this topic Besides Kundli What Else You Should Match?is important.

So this thing needs to be understood.

8.  Tonality/ Volume during Communication and conflict overall.

*High                         *Low

In this question below, you have to tell how frequently you used to go for outing like going for movie, picnic, lunch/dinner at restaurant. Is the frequency high or less?

If anyone from husband or wife is not a explorer, it will become a problem.

Because if the girl is explorer and the man is not then he will start doubting her character and it becomes a problem. And if the man is a explorer then he will give very less time to his wife and she will start thinking that he doesn’t love her and if he stays at home most of the time then he will feel jailed. And it also becomes a reason of fights.

9.   Frequency for outing: Restaurant/ Movie / Picnic.

*High                         *Low

So friends these are very important questions which you should not ignore, and many family’s issues and divorces can be resolved.

And you don’t need any pandit ji to Match your Kundli.

So by asking these questions acc. to you, you can find a good life partner for you and many more questions you can design by yourself and also you can mail us through our website

Arranged marriage

If you are getting married then you can check out these questions before selecting your life partner so that you can find a life partner like you.

Love Marriage or Married

If you want to do love marriage or already married then you both can fill this questionnaire and share it with your partner and find out how different you are from each other or how your life was different so that you can understand each other’s behavior and the reason behind the behavior, and you both can change and improve yourself a little.

It also helps you not to raise misunderstanding b/w both of you so that you will live a healthy and happy life.

Who are willing to marry in near future I hope besides Kundli you should match your behavior. These are few questions and you yourself can make many questions to share & to understand each other. Parents should check out before choosing a person for your child.

I hope this blog Besides Kundli What Else You Should Match? helped you.

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Besides Kundli what else you should Match?

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