Digital Marketing Institutes In India | Pros and Cons | Placement and Career

Digital Marketing Institute, in India, is in a booming stage.

With the new platforms now open for business and the old traditional marketing methodology slowly being declined, the digital marketing institute has captured the place.

Digital Marketing is now widely considered as the new face for marketing professionals. 

 As the advent of digital marketing is progressing, so is the digital marketing training institute. 

More and more students join the digital marketing training institutes to learn this skill either in the hope of getting a new opportunity or to start a new business of their own.

Digital marketing has been widely used by many industries, startups or by an amateur businessman.

 Thus, digital marketing institutes play a crucial role in shaping a career in digital marketing.

Now we see some topics related to digital marketing institutes

  • What is a digital marketing 
  • Mode of learning in digital marketing institute
  • Careers and placement
  • Pros and cons of learning from digital marketing institute
  • Best digital marketing institutes

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a platform where marketers do marketing using digital way. 

Earlier, marketers used marketing techniques like cold calling, conducting seminars & meetings, distributing pamphlets to promote their service/products etc…

Now, everything is done using digital marketing. 

It includes social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, pay per click mode etc…

Social media marketing is considered the future trend as many new social media sites are coming and with this new methodology of doing business in these sites are increasing.

Search engine marketing is considered to be at the next best method in which PPC is a part.

Now, we look into the next topic

Mode of learning digital marketing in digital marketing institutes   

Digital marketing institutes have drastically increased in India, since the emerging of digital marketing. 

Many students, whether working profession, non-working profession, homemakers are learning this skill to acquire the knowledge and use this skill in their profession or to promote their products.

 There are mainly two ways to learn digital marketing.

The first one is to learn through conventional offline mode.

Students need to enrol their name in an institute, book their slots as per their convenient time, go there and learn.

The second and most widely accepted by the students is the online mode.

In this mode, there are two possibilities.

First, students join in a digital marketing institute and opt for online mode. The timings are flexible as per the convenience of learning.

  A certain amount is taken by the institute and training is done by the trainer sitting somewhere and remotely teaching the students through a webinar.

Another method is learning from any social site like YouTube and it is free to learn and easy to access.

Since, on YouTube, the course is available completely free, it is widely accepted by many students and even professionals to learn the skill. 

However, one big drawback in learning from YouTube is that the trainer doesn’t teach all the topics in full detail.

A basic outline is given on the topic and the sessions are of max to max 20 to 25 mins. 

Further, doubts that arise during learning also not able to be cleared.

Now, coming to the next topic

Pros and Cons of learning from the Digital Marketing Institute

Learning digital marketing is always good as it helps the students to gather a new skill which will help in keeping them at the top list. 

There are many other pros in learning digital marketing. 

It is a place where students get the exposure to learn and experiment with all the platforms and excel in them.

However, all the pros don’t work. There are some cons too. 

The major con which they face is the timing. If any student misses a session, they sometimes don’t get any recording of it. 

Also, some students due to some extreme circumstance have to leave in between and their entire amount for which they enrolled gets wasted.

This does not happen with the students who have enrolled in the online mode because there is a recording session available and it is lifetime accessible. 

Now, we look into a major aspect of digital marketing institutes which is

Placement and Career 

Placement is one of the factors in digital marketing institute. 

Many students tend to join in that institute who offers placement for them. 

Since, they feel that if there is no work experience in that skill, then learning is a complete waste. Hence, the institute, who offers placement for the students, is considered as one of the most sought after institutes among the students.

Many institutes across India provide placement and good career opportunities in India.

Also, some institutes provide internships for the students which help them to be excel in all the fields.

As many digital marketing institutes are offering this course, hence, students search for all these requirements before joining in an institute.

But here also many students, though having acquired knowledge in digital marketing face challenges in technical questions during the interview.

     So it is important to have a few basic points in our mind before joining in any digital marketing institute.

  1. Talking to the existing students
  2. Asking some technical question to the students
  3. View the institute’s review in Google
  4. Getting some feedback from previous students who appeared in the interview

And coming to the final topic

Best Digital Marketing Institutes

All digital marketing institutes boast for being the best digital marketing institutes. According to a survey, we have listed the top 20 digital marketing institutes in India which is available as a blog in Lets Blogging site.

Top 20 Digital Marketing Institutes in India

These are some of the best digital marketing institutes that really provide good and detailed knowledge in digital marketing. 

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