Best GDPR Plugin For WordPress – 2020

Data protection rules have been changed drastically in the past few weeks. And the result GDPR, which is raising a storm in the privacy policy and data protection market. WordPress is also helping its user to handle this situation by various means. One of the main things is the GDPR Plugin. Here are the top and best plugin for GDPR cookie compliance management.

1. GDPR plugin – Gdpr Cookie Compliance by Moove Agency

GDPR plugin 2

Options include –

  1. Branding and positioning (Upload your own logo).
  2. Cookie info-bar settings.
  3. Floating button.
  4. Privacy overview textbox and settings.
  5. Options for customizing information about necessary cookies, third-party cookies, and any other additional cookies.
  6. Cookie policy settings, and more.

Benefits of using this plugin – This is one of the best plugin’s I’ve seen for GDPR. It’s clean, attractive, and can help you to take a big step towards making your website more GDPR compliant. Ideally, if you have a website that uses a few more cookies than usually, i.e advertising cookies, behaviour tracking cookies, Geographic tracking, etc. Then this plugin could be useful.

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2. UK Cookie Consent by Catapult Themes

GDPR plugin1

It’s incredibly simple to install and configure.

Configuration options include –

  1. Cookie bar close options (On-click, on-scroll, timed).
  2. Option to display on first-page visitors lands on only.
  3. Exclude pages you don’t want the notification to appear on.
  4. Exclude zones.
  5. Notification duration.
  6. Scroll height.
  7. Cookie version and expiry (How long should the cookie last).
  8. Option to opt-out of tracking.
  9. Content settings (Heading text, a customizable cookie notification message, CTA text, privacy page settings).
  10. Styles options (Position of the notification bar, text, background, link colours, and more).

Benefits of using this plugin – Quick and simple to set up and forget about.

3. Cookie Notice by dFactory

GDPR plugin 3

Here’s what you can do with this plugin –

  1. Add a customized cookie message.
  2. Customize buttons CTA text.
  3. Enable or disable read more link. You can also change the link text.
  4. Use a custom link or page link to your privacy page.
  5. Link target option to open in a new tab or same page.
  6. Feature to give users the option to refuse third-party non-functional cookies.
  7. Script blocking.
  8. Reloading and on-scroll cookie acceptance options.
  9. Cookie expiry time.
  10. Script placement (Header or footer).
  11. Placement options (Top or bottom).

You can also customize the design of your cookie notice with animation, style, and colors. And I personally use this plugin in this website.

Benefits of using this plugin – Quick and simple to set up and forget about.

Cons of using this plugin – Doesn’t look at attractive as the first two. Uses either WordPress or Bootstrap CSS.

4. EU Cookie Law Plugin

GDPR plugin 4

Last but not least, is the EU cookie law plugin which to date has had over 100,000 downloads and plenty of positive reviews.

If you’re looking for something plain and simple, once again, then this plugin could be for you.

Options include the following –

  1. Block iFrames, embeds, and scripts on your blog/website.
  2. Cookie acceptance duration.
  3. Scroll and navigation consent.
  4. Subdomains and multisite cookie share.
  5. Appearance customization options.
  6. Message bar content options.
  7. Pop-up box custom content.
  8. Shortcode (Cookie control, cookie disabled message).

Benefits of using this plugin – Incredibly simple to install and configure. Popular and widely used plugin.

Cons of using this plugin – Notification bar and pop-up looks dull and boring. It doesn’t provide many options for users in the pop-up.

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