Best Window 10 themes: A collection of best themes

Window 10 is a fantastic operating system.  Like the android, you can change themes. On the internet, you download free themes.

If you are looking for best window ten thems, then you are in the right place.  Here you will find the best themes of window 10 handpicked by me.

Before writing the article, I search on the internet best window ten themes. Many blogs linked to awesome themes but the problem is that you can’t download them. I tried so many times but I unable to download them.

I’m assuming that you know how to install window 10 themes. So I will publish only how to download and install themes.

I have divided themes into many categories so you can select the best theme for you.


If you are a game lover then try these themes.  I don’t know too much about games so there are chances that you will not like it.

But try it once


It is the very famous game in which you can play using digitally collectible cards. I don’t know too much about the game, but wallpapers are amazing you will love it


Download Here

Fortnite Battle:

I don’t need you to tell about this game. This game has mind blow graphics

Download Here

Jhin theme

If you are looking for something creative, then try this. These wallpapers are very sharp, and they are creative

I will advise you them to try it once



Download here 

3d visual Effects: Well this window theme is something different. I love these colors


Download here

Celebrities: If you like a celebrity then try these wallpapers. These wallpapers are awesome. Personally, I don’t know a single celebrities that are in these wallpapers but I hope you will know these celebrities.

Jessica Simpson: I don’t know too much about this girl but she is damn beautiful and you will like these wallpapers until you did not love your girlfriend. I told you that she is damn beautiful you will like it.

Download here 

Babe Rexha: This girl is only 28 years and a single sensation. Wallpapers are eye-catching. I hope you will like these wallpapers.


Download Here

Emilia Clarke:

She is an English actress. His first movie is released in 2009. HIs facebook followers now cross over two million.

Download here

These windows thems are free.

But if you are looking for something extraordinary I mean creativity then you can download these themes. These themes are paid, but these are not expensive only $4 per month. That’s enough, but you can get the free version with ads. Believe or not it is a terrible Idea.

I try to find the best themes from the internet. If you think that I’m missing something then let me know by comment section I will be happy to help you.

Here we go 🙂

Note: This themes are not like above themes download and click on it. First, you have to download Skin pack software only then you can use this software

MacOs Mojave SkinPack:

If you can’t afford the mac, then try this theme. It will turn your window os into the Mac operating system

If you want to make your computer attractive, then give a try to this theme.

Download here


Did you remember old window 7? I know window 10 is pretty much like window 7 but this theme is totally derived from window 7.

Download here

Ubuntu skinpack:

If you are Linux fan but for certain task, you are using window os then try this theme.  It is totally like ubuntu

Download Here

slik theme for Win10

For those who like color variation, this theme might be perfect. It will enhance your operating system look. It will change your computer to like the notebook.

Download here

Ades Theme

This is the really awesome theme. Everything looks perfect. Another beautiful theme that you can try on window 10.

Download here

 Window XP theme

If you still like window XP, then you will love it. Did you know our college and banks are still using window XP? I think they should try this theme.

Download Here


I know everybody wants a stylish computer. But having a powerful computer is the first thing so your computer is able to run any of these themes smoothly.

I hope you like these themes these all themes are hand-picked by me.


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