Body Fat Types in Human And How to Get Rid of IT?

body fat types in human

Today the majority of the population is overweight or store a major amount of fat in their body composition. People struggle daily to get rid of that unnecessary weight from their body.

People often try many things to lose fat. They follow different diet plans and exercises but most of them fail in producing any significant result in their transformation. Which make them stop their diet and exercises.

It mostly happens because of the lack of knowledge about the different types of Fat present in the human body. Knowing its type and behavior you can plan your fat loss program and stick to it.

It stores in our body in different forms and layers.  There are Four types of Fat present in human body.

Essential Fat

Essential body fat is an important type of fat which generally no one wants to lose. It surrounds the body organs and nerve present in our body.

Its main functions are to works as a protective sheet for our organs and also insulates our organs.

Essential fat occupies 3% of our total fat mass and is considered important for our body’s organ functioning.

It stays constant even at the time of 6% fat level.

Visceral Fat

Visceral Fat surrounds the internal organs of our body. It generally surrounds the organs present in our abdomen area.

Too much of Visceral Fat make a person insulin resistant. Which restrict a person from taking too much amount of Carbohydrate.

Eating too much carbohydrate in your diet make people store more visceral fat around your organs and create problem in their functioning.

This fat type is metabolically very active and easily burns with the help of diet. This is the fat which starts depleting as soon as you start your exercise and dieting.

Because it stored in the abdomen area and is not visible people often thinks that their diet is showing no effect but what they don’t notice that they losing fat. Losing Visceral fat doesn’t change your overall appearance.

To check and monitor fat loss you need to get the regular test and you can track your progress records.

Subcutaneous Layer of Fat

The subcutaneous layer of fat present under our skin and it make us look saggy and fluffy. It is distributed in body parts in a different ratio.

In men high percentage of this fat stored around our belly and in women it stored around their butt and stomach. It is metabolically less active and takes a long time to deplete.

The human body has evolved in a way that when we eat something and it converts into Fat it firstly stored in Subcutaneous form. It is also true that the fat type that starts burning at last.

This Form fat is very hard to get rid of and take time and different approach to burn.

Stubborn Fat

It is the only fat type that will present in your body even after the 12%. Losing fat beyond 12% take a lot more struggle and hard work.

It mostly presents on our lower belly area, thighs and hip area in girls. A common approach to lose fat will never work to burn Stubborn fat.

It has another process and methods to lose this fat. This is the result of our evolution. To lose Stubborn fat you first have to understand the complex process of burning it.


Each body fat has its own function and behavior which make them different from one and other. The function of storing Fat in our body has evolved and formed over thousands of years of evolution.

It works as a storage and at the time of emergency, our body uses this. But in today’s time, we don’t have a struggle that much hard to get food as our ancestors had to do.

Having too much fat in body is not necessary for us but to have an ideal amount of it

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