Care Your Clothes this Monsoon | Try Monsoon Hacks

Care Your Clothes this Monsoon | Try Monsoon Hacks

Monsoon is the season of Rains. We all are happy with the arrival of the Monsoon, we enjoy the rain but the fact that it is true is this is the time when the rain with humidity brings some unwanted bacteria that can rest on your clothes and leaves the clothes with an unwanted typical monsoon odor. We all are worried about this, here’s how we can save our clothes from getting damaged and take rid of the monsoon odor.
If you got caught in the rain, the first thing you want is to dry your clothes. But the problem is that as soon as clothes get dry, your body heat will cause any unwanted bacteria present in the fabric to mix, which leads to a dingy smell.
By Following these Caring Tips you can Care Your Clothes in the Monsoon-

1)Don’t leave wet clothes lying around

wet clothes, Care Your Clothes

The Monsoon odor becomes worse as time goes, so the First tip is not to leave your clothes in the washing machine or in the basket. If possible, wash them quickly and hang them until they get dry.

2)Use a Fresh smelling detergent

Fresh smelling detergent

Use a fresh detergent to wash your clothes, a good smelling detergent takes away the bad odor and also brightens the clothes. You can use any detergent having a lemon scent & Care Your Clothes.

3)Add vinegar or baking soda to the wash


vinegar and baking soda

Adding vinegar or baking soda into the wash with detergent will neutralize the bad and odor of the monsoon.

4)Line dry Clothes

line dry clothes

After washing the clothes, you might not get the chance to hang the clothes outside for dry. But don’t leave the chance, if you see that rain stops or the sun did peek out of the clouds. Because, natural air and sun’s warming effect will make the clothes fresh, dry, good smelling.

5)Use Neem leaves

Neem, Care Your Clothes

Use Dry Neem leaves in your wardrobe to Care for Your Clothes. Neem leaves contain anti-pest and anti-fungal properties which can prevent insects and bacteria.

6)Opt for Camphor

Camphor, Care Your Clothes

Camphor balls absorb the moisture from the clothes and avoid insects to take rest on your clothes.

7)Install a low voltage bulb

low voltage bulb, Care Your Clothes

This is a simple and easy trick- Place a low voltage bulb in the cupboard during the monsoon. The reason behind this is that the bulb generates some amount of heat which keeps the bacteria away from the clothes.


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