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As we go in the history of marketing there was no specific word called digital or digital marketing in the last 15 to 20 years. There were only traditional ways of marketing only. offline marketing was very crucial but that was the only tool by which companies can market themselves and make their name represent like a brand. As we all know that marketing is very much important in very industry and by good marketing strategy only big companies are making a profit from us. Marketing contains many thinks like the positioning of your company, offers, branding, etc.

Digital marketing is only the new face of marketing and it has taken pace from the last few years and it is like a fire in the forest which is growing day by day. It has grown in India due to jio and is accepted to grow more and faster in upcoming years due to cheap internet plans offered by telecom companies and it is accepted to double the

internet users in India.

Questions covered in this blog

You must have some questions in your mind about digital marketing like;

  1. What is the scope of this industry
  2. What is the growth rate

3.Different fields in digital marketing

  1. What is the pay you get

Through this blog, you will get to know everything about digital marketing and the above-mentioned points in detail.

It is accepted that digital marketing is going to create 20 lacs new jobs by 2020.

Digital marketing career opportunities and scope in India

There are various fields in digital marketing in which we can make our career and can be expert in their fields.

Jobs like SEO(search engine optimization) expert, social media manager, web developer, content writer or content maker, digital marketing manager, CRM (customer relationship management) expert.


1.Web developer and web designer

This person works on the web pages that you explore on the internet and is responsible for the coding, designing websites, and maintaining webpages.

For doing this work you should have knowledge about the languages used in it like javascript, HTML, CSS, etc.

It can be done on a contract base which is freelancing(work from home) which enhances it more and attract people for digital marketing irrespective of their age, gender, location.

Average salary -Rs 3 lacs to Rs 5 lacs per annum

2.SEO(search engine optimization) expert

This is the guy which is responsible for the ranking of your website and for getting traffic on your website.SEO is basically a pattern which the person uses to rank the website of an individual or a company. This pattern is learned by a digital marketer for doing SEO. The guy is also responsible for many other things like whether your website is user-friendly or not, whether it is working properly on the computer or laptops and should also be mobile friendly for users.

There is a vast opportunity in this field and it can be the best career option for digital marketers in India if they can do it properly and can give their full dedication to it.

Average salary- Rs 2.5 lacs to 6 lacs per annum

3.Social media executive or Social media manager

As it is clear by the name that the person is responsible for managing the social media of business like Instagram pages, Facebook  pages, linked in, twitter, Pinterest, and many more thinks running for your business  

The guy is responsible for posting on the above pages daily, weekly, or monthly as per the need and instruction about that. Basically, the person is also responsible for making your companies image digital and hand by hand also maintain it. It’s a very good thing and many people show interest in it and from the other view, it is also easy to do.


Average salary- 3.5 lacs to 7 lacs per annum

4.Search engine marketing or PPC ( pay per click)  expert

This person is responsible for the ads you see while buffering something. Basically, it runs ads on google which you see while buffering internet for the companies which is his client. The person does PPC which if you have noticed when you open something on google the first two to three website appears on google are ads run by a company of their niche. If open that site then google will charge some amount from the owner of the site to bringing traffic on their site.

It is a very good career option for digital marketers

Average salary ­– 3.5 lacs to 5 lacs per annum

5.Content writer and Content maker

This person is responsible for the content which is shown on the companies ad and for creating their branding and many other things. This is a very good and high paid work as by this work you can enhance your creative power and can achieve more in life. According to me “content is king” this is because it is needed in all the ads, website and many more think it is basically the key point in digital marketing as it is needed everywhere in the digital world. This can be the best career option in digital marketing. Side by side it is very important also as person show interest in someone’s ad by only reading content if there is not good content then there is no point of seeing that ad or website. Basically, this person can convert an ad seeing the person to the companies customer.

Average salary-3 lacs to 5 lacs per annum

6.Digital marketing manager

This person is responsible for all the things that you read above and basically, manages all the part of digital marketing, and to give advice and work to all the persons you read above. In other word, it is the general manager of the company.

If you are thinking for this career in digital marketing then it is both good and money making also but for this, you need to have experience of at least 8 to 10 years. 

Average salary- 7 lacs to 10 lacs per annum

So here we come at the end of the blog I hope I would have cleared all your doubts

Digital Marketing Strategy to grow your Business


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