prescription format

The format of Prescription is a written order from a registered medical practitioner, or other properly licensed practitioner, such as dentist, veterinarian etc. to a pharmacist to compound and dispense a specific medication for the patient. Definition of Prescription:- The format of prescription written in English language but Latin word is use for save our … Read more

Benefit of Naturopathy

TECHNIQUES AND BENEFIT OF DIFFERENT MODALITIES OF NATUROPATHY Diet Therapy Fasting Therapy Mud therapy Hydrotherapy Massotherapy Acupressure Chromotherapy Air therapy Magnet therapy Diet therapy: – According to this therapy diet one of the most important therapies which are cover in this topic, because it is directed related to stomach and this is the root cause … Read more

Digestion System in Naturopathy style

                        11 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR DIGESTION       In naturopathy, digestion is also an important part that has to be conquered and improve this system, Healthy functioning of the digestive is the key to multiple systems in your body.  Energy, thyroid function, immune system functioning, autoimmunity, mood, metabolism, skin health, etc. after research, it is learned … Read more