Best New cars of 2018

                         New cars for 2018 2017  was a big hit in cars.  Let’s see what new we have for 2018.. 1. Alfa Romeo Stelvio This is a beautiful luxury SUV which is also Alfa Romeo’s first SUV. It consists of Q4 all-wheel-drive system which … Read more

Pyramid – Egyptian pyramid mystery within | Everything you need to know


Pyramid – Egyptian Pyramid secrets within Egyptian pyramid has secret within. Ancient civilisation does lie greatest thing’s within and pyramid and ancient Egypt is the fine example of it. There are pyramid’s all over world but main attraction of everyone is pyramid’s of giza in Egypt due to the complex mathematical calulations. Pyramid of giza. … Read more

Mummification Process – All about Mummification Ancient Egypt

Mummification Process – All about Mummification Mummification process is done in ancient Egypt and in other various countries in the sense to preserve the body and the huge believe in afterlife  As in ancient time, there was a great belief in an afterlife and the belief of the afterlife comes from the Egyptian legacy. As … Read more