Chanakaya Niti

  •  Some people accuse him of being a ruthless political manipulator 

But the same tactics are toda civilised actions as clever diplomatic moves, May be, he was too ahead of the times chanakya existed in.

Whatever he did he did it to safeguard the interests of his motherland

which was being ravaged by narrow minded quarrelling chieftans and kings while a foreign invader was subjugating the country. Like a colossus he made the world take notice of India and warned it to treat it respectfully. To add to these talents, he possessed awesome administrative capabilities and economic planning skills Medieval India was not a cohesive unit, but a collection of fiefdoms, kingdoms and mini-empires, often quarrelling among themselves.

There was one significant vast kingdom situated around the great capital city of Patliputra (Today’s Patna) that dwarfed others. This kingdom was very prosperous state and militarily powerful. The name was Magadha.

That was the time when this land faced the real threat of being turn to pieces by an all-conquering marauder named Alexander, The Great.

To make matters worse the land was being ravaged by foolish fiefs, petty-minded kings, debauch rulers, unscrupulous leaders and by gross mismanagement or absence of management.

Magadha was under the rule of a corrupt tyrant called Raja Mahananda.

Chanak,the father of Chanakya used to live somewhere in the outskirts of a city situated at the border of that kingdom. Raja Mahananda had a large army. He had become a debauch and a ruthless character, a natural degenarated form of an incapable and ineffecient king. The subjects were suffering his arrogance

The large Magadha Kingdom was infact a mini empire which was a union of small kingdoms and fiefdoms, most of them ruled by minor kings belonging to Nanda dynasty. As a result of the neglect by Mahananda, the bordering states had begun fighting among themselves. In a far off land, an ambitious king named Alexander was preparing to set out or an expedition to conquer the world marching through the armies of Indian kings.

Chanakya had once presented himself in the Court of the the King Dhanananda of Patliputra to seek a chance to serve the kingdom in the capacity befitting his education, learning and wisdom. But the king humiliated him and expelled him for having an ugly face not to be tolerated in the beautiful setting of the royal court. The infuriated Chanakya took vow to destroy the arrogant dynasty of Nandas.

He selected a promising kid of a commoner and took him to the forests Chanakya brought up the kid as his protege who in course of time rose to vanquish Nanda kings and become Emperor Chandra Gupta.

All dueto the training, education and guidance by Chanakya in warfare, political manoeuvring, manipulations and strategies. Through cunning diplomacy Chanakya wisely turned the Governor appointed by Alexander into an ally

He was an able administrator as well. He played lead roles in setting up administrative machinery,policy plannings and in making laws, rules and regulations of the departments. As Kautilya he wrote ‘Arthshastra’, a draft of a constitution of an ideal state. Duetohispolitical wisdom and diplomatic skills inempire building, Chanakya is called ‘Machiaville of India’.

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