CHINOOK is that machine which can be called the most trustable helicopter of American Air force for the past 6 decades. Now Indian Air force has geared up for these machines, in a deal of ₹8000 crore with America 15 Chinook are purchased out of which 4 has been deployed already in IAF. Air Chief Marshall B.S. Dhanoa said that it is a game changer just like Rafale he quoted as saying “It is a red letter day for the Air force that we are in acting the Chinook helicopter which gives us a tremendous capability primarily in the *Inter valley troop transfer* ,you must remember in the inter troop valley transfer what is very important is the ability to operate from higher altitudes to take acclamatize troops from one valley into another valley, in the rotary wing fleet of Chinook. And will be a game changer the way the Rafale is going to be in the fighter fleet.

*Why IAF needs Chinook and it’s features*

a) It can fly at very high altitude of 20,000 feet

b) It can carry 54 soldiers all together.

c) It can toe more than a ton of weight which can be a heavy machine or artillery.

IAF was missing out on Chinook for the past 3 decade. In 1999 during the Kargil war, moving the troops and rescuing them wasn’t easy at all, in impassable areas where cranes and bulldozers couldn’t reach Chinook could have done a lot.

‘Chinook can carry as heavy as 11 ton of weight and 11 ton more by way of under slung, It also have the capability to carry the artillery gun by way of under slung’ said Group captain G.B PATOLE(IAF).

Chinook played a major role in the Afghanistan conflict between Taliban and America, and has a record of 86000 hours of in air travel.

It’s production started in 1960 and 1200 Chinook has been built so far

It’s design is such a hit that even after 6 decade of production it’s still in use, and can be called the best companion for surgical strikes too.

Flight Lieutenant Aashish Gehlawat said ‘two helicopter can carry a company with ammunition and is mainly usef for deploying troops and is a big hit’ .

The Chinook which India got is a ‘F’ type and is specially designed as per the requirements of the IAF and is the first Tandom rotor design helicopter that has been included ,Because the other version of Chinook had been destroyed earlier by missiles in Afghanistan and Iraq while operating, Indian version of Chinook comes with Advance electric warfare suit which prevents the craft from missile, also the body of this aircraft is bullet proof.

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