Digital Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

Digital Marketing has become one of the fastest growing career opportunity now a day because of “Digital India Campaign” started by our Prime Minister Requirement of Skilled as well as fresher candidates in Digital marketing is increasing tremendously. So we decided to provide you top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answer in this post.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

 Digital Marketing Interview Questions

1. Tell me about your Self?

Start with I am Your Name, Residence, family introduction, your qualification, work experience

For example:

My name is Sanju Sharma. I live in Delhi. I have done B.S.C in computer science and Master in Computational Science and Engineering. I have 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing and I have One brother and Mother Father in my Family.

2. What is Search Engine and list an example of search engines?

Search Engine is a Web application that provides information on the basis of algorithms and data from its database based on the user query, keyword and search intent.

Examples of search engine: Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, DuckDuckgo

3. What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is a marketing technique in which we use digital equipment such as Mobile Phone, iPad, Tablets, Computers etc. to promotes our product and service to online users.

4. Did you know what are the types of SEO?

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2 types of SEO which are

  1. On Page Optimization
  2. Off Page Optimization

5. What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization in which we optimize our website or web page to increase its visibility on different search engine by following search engine guidelines.

6. Which SEO techniques are popular?

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Mainly three type of SEO technique is popular

1. White Hat SEO

2. Black Hat SEO (Negative SEO

2. Grey Hat SEO

7. Difference between the Black hat and White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO we optimize our website or webpages on the basis of Search engine guidelines and considering user intent in our mind

Black hat SEO we optimize our website only for ranking purpose without considering user intent and search engine guidelines.

8. Example of Black Hat SEO Techniques?

Low quality of duplicate content

Links from spam sites

Links from adult content sites

Keyword stuffing


Google Bowling etc.

9. What is Meta tag and explain about Title, Description and Keyword Meta Tags?

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The meta tag is the elements in HTML that interact with Search Engine.

Meta Title– Title tag is an important factor for SEO and Click Through Rate (CTR). It helps the user to understand the content of a webpage. It is the main headline of the webpage content which must contain the main keyword in it.

Meta Description– Meta Description is a small summary of the webpage content for a better understanding of the webpage.

Meta Keywords– Meta Keyword is the HTML code of a Web page that helps search engines to understand what the topic is about.

10. What are the limitations of title and description tags in Google, Yahoo, Bing &

Every search engine has its own algorithm and character limits for meta tags. Description length 150-160 characters & Title length 50- 60 character. Description length 155-165 characters & Title length 60-72 character. Description length of 155 characters & Title length 65 characters. Description length of 312 characters & Title length 70 characters.

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