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                       A   key                                 factor    in                                one’s   life …

Discipline is not just a word but the way of life. Discipline is a term which means a practise to develop one’s moral characters. we all wanted to be successful but have forgotten the ingredients that take us to the new level. when it comes to raising standards,discipline is a key to that.





Discipline is not a new word or neither will have new meaning but by the time we tend to forget about how to practise it in our lives. Discipline is a vital thing which everybody wants in life but the barrier comes when we take it in this practical world .Because of the material word we have forgotten the values of self discipline.




Discipline is directly proportional  to motivation. The more disciplined you will be therefore the more you’ll have motivation and enthusiasm to do the things.

here I am going to share with you some of the ways through which I am able to stay disciplined.

1) Having a good sleep

A survey has shown that many of the young aged people suffer from insomnia which is a very big issue and a barrier for them to have enough energy to work. Thaking pills is not the solution to it but taking an action can help. Take help of your physician to resolve this .

Because of not having enough energy our human brain doesn’t respond in hard times.

2) Having a daily schedule 

Researches have shown that having a planned to do list gives our brain instructions and therefore we work accordingly and get things done.

so from today,before going to bed have your tomorrow’s plan ready.

3)Have goals:

  1. Planning comes when we have goals in our life. life becomes scattered when there is no goal in front of us to which we can chase.

Therefore its important to have goals.

4)Start with  small

Starting with small means to create a small  habit in your day. That can be to wake up early in morning or to meditate just for 15 minutes .And ones this becomes your daily routine then try to add a new practice.

 Discipline is easy to write on papers but though to make it a habit .I sincerely hope that these four golden keys  will help you in the journey of your success.




Discipline -life's way
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Discipline -life's way
It has major 4 golden keys to follow discipline

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