ECE Jobs opportunity in IT Industry after graduation

There is a simple quote from Brian Tracy, “To earn more, you must learn more”.

Alongside earning, it is always good to increase your knowledge and expand your field. There are multiple ECE jobs opportunities after completing a professional IT course.

This case is similar for a different branch of engineering such as EEE, IS, TC and even IT aspirants Civil & Mechanical engineer.

Engineering students frequently search for the best courses after graduation that will boost up their career or open a door for Job Hiring. Well, the IT field happens to be a platform where anyone with proficient programming skills is hired with a considerable pay scale.

The scope of ECE jobs in IT industries-

There is a close relation between EC engineering (ECE) and IT engineering. If you are EC engineer, you might have seen that your focus subjects are mostly electronic hardware like electronics equipment, circuits, networks and some basics of Microprocessor programming language. On the contrast, the focus of IT engineer subjects is more on Software (or programming languages) and basics theories of hardware.

The most common topic which both these engineering branches have is Networking which deals with hardware and software communication. Equipment is for ECE, and software part for IT engineer.

So, I suppose if you are an EC engineer you already have a precise knowledge of hardware and circuits.

Now you can answer yourself how much beneficial it will be if you know the software (or programming) of networking. Program codes are used not only on networking but also in embedded chips, remote controller, software development, web development, wireless devices and more.

A lucrative technology that needs both the knowledge of Hardware and Software is the Internet of Thing (IoT). An EC engineer can quickly expand their career and pay scale in the IoT field if they have the skills of at least one of the trending IoT programming language.

IoT is the connection of electronic appliances, mobile devices, remote controllers, smart devices through the internet for more natural control and monitor of physical machines or virtual data. Some of the famous examples are Smart Home, Smart Wearables, Connected Cars, Smart Cities, Smart Retail, etc.

After proper IT knowledge, you will have multiple choice to work at any core jobs for ECE freshers or launch yourself in the IT field.

Here are some of the IT courses that will boost your career in ECE jobs–

Let us start small, let us begin with C basics…!! Many universities believe an IT student should learn C language first before learning any other programming language. C, released in the 1970s, is considered as the world first popular high-level programming language. Many of the popular programming languages like C++, JAVA, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, etc. are developed following the syntax of the C language. So, learning C gives a good foundation for several other programming structures. Although the popularity of C has decreased, it is still a dominant language used in many Chips and IoT projects.

Java is one of the most popular and promising programming languages you should learn. It is not only famous as an internet programming language but for the development of Desktop applications, games, backend programs, enterprise applications, and also used for IoT projects and Machine Learning. Also, if you are interested in advanced courses like Hadoop and Android, learning Java is mandatory. You should note that Java knowledge is the most in-demand skill at IT hiring.

SQL is a language you cannot miss even if you learn any other programming language. SQL stands for Structured Query Language used to create, manage and maintain relational data stored in a database. When it comes to any database project SQL is always needed. It is used to inquire, define, control and manipulate data on databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, etc. SQL always comes in handy for a programmer.

Python programming language is particularly raising its popularity due to its simplicity and a wide range of usages. The uses of Python programming are to compute Data Science, program Server-Side web development, IoT and GUI applications and more. Python programming is also particularly famous in the study of Machine learning.

PHP is a very famous web development technology. It is a scripting language generally used in HTML codes while developing a server-side application. It is also used for developing IoT based projects to some extent.

By now everyone must have heard about the android system. Android is not used only at android mobiles but in different wired and wireless GUI devices like a car music player, tablets, projector applications, remote and screen controller, etc. Android is also implemented in many IoT based projects. But to learn android, Java is Mandator as the Android platform is developed using JAVA.

Software Testing:
Software testing solely considers checking and assuring the quality of software developed before it is put to use. Although it is nothing related to hardware, it a career building course with lots of job opportunities. Software testing includes both manual testing and automation testing. There are some poorly written words on the internet that you can learn automation testing and care less about manual testing. It is a very wrong notion. Both manual testing and automation testing are equally important if you want to be a successful QA/Software Tester.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the most popular cloud service provider occupying more than half of the cloud service market share. If you are interested in cloud computing domain, you can join AWS certification training. Knowledge of cloud services is an arsenal for a networking project. Nowadays every mobile devices and computer are connected through networks which utilised cloud services either for connection or data transfer.

MuleSoft is an (SOA) middleware technology used for integrating heterogeneous systems through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and CloudHub. MuleSoft is a leading company in providing Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) on-premise or as a cloud service. MuleSoft certified experts are always in demand in IT sectors with a very high salary.

Besides the above languages and technologies, some of the programming languages worth learning are R (for Statistical Computing or Data mining), Swift (for iOS, macOS, Linux, GUI devices), PowerShell (Scripting language for Microsoft), Bash (for Linux based system), Perl and Ruby.

If you are worried about ECE jobs salary after an IT course, you can start with no doubt a minimum package of 3 lakh as a fresher. It is only a matter of years that will make you an experienced engineer; after that, you can expect more than three times your fresher’s salary.

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