Egyptian gods

Egyptian gods – Half Human Half Animals

Egyptian gods majorly presented as half human and half animal form. Majorly they are kind of powerful and unique god’s in themselves with unique power’s. Below are 10 Of those which are being specified.

1. Amun  ra

Amun ra / re - Egyptian gods

Very first Egyptian god’s is Amun ra is the sun god and the greater most god of every one. The creator of the world, sky, earth and the great underworld was said to be the most powerful god.

He is most commonly known to be father of wind god and rain goddess . It was normally ra’s job to defeat the evil monster in afterlife who’s creating hurdles in between and to appoint this job he offen use to employ other powerful gods like set/seth.

Amun ra had ability to create thing’s out of his blood and tears. In some case’s he use to merge himself  with some other powerful god’s like Horus in order to defeat the enemy.

Temple of Amun ra is located in karnak and remarkable is one of the greatest architectural achievement of ancient egypt.

The temple is the largest religious room ever constructed known to be hypostyle hall.


Set/seth - Egyptian gods

Set/seth was god of all evil thing’s which includes thing’s related to storm, chaos, violence, invading armies and dessert. To kill a gaint serpent he was appointed as bodyguard of Ra and was not always evil and bad.

History’s most noticeable moment  was the fight between Horus and Set. Which took place because Set killed father of horus lately defeated into the battle and killed by horus.


Horus a falcon headed god. Most celebrated god in history of Egypt and was considered as defender and caretaker of everyone in his kingship.

As he was the king of air and sky he was powerful too.  Check mine another article on Horus .

4. Thoth

Egyptian gods

Thoth is ibis head god. Ibis is one of the extinct species of egypt and symbol of knowledge. This is why he is featured With a ibis head.

Thoth is god of knowledge, intelligence, writing, science. Thoth was the scientist of the ancient times of egypt he was a miracle doing scientist and a century changer of that time. He spread knowledge he has to develop the civilisation.

5. Anubis


Anubis the god of death. One of my favorite god’s among egypt. Anubis is god of death And mummification . Jakal head is featured because often after the death of any one and after the rituals when the body is moved into pyramid jackal’s used to gather around. So Anubis is represented as jakal head god.

He take’s a soul to underworld where reincarnation is done by weighing one’s heart with feather of justice if feather goes up the person get’s suffering into the hell and after life get’s far from the dead person.

6. Osiris

The god of birth and death. Osiris is father of Horus and was killed by his own brother set. Underworld and afterlife is in the hands of Osiris.

Osiris and Isis was beloved king and queen but set was jealous of him so he decided to kill Osiris, After death he settled into the underworld to look after the dead people.

7. Isis

The goddess of motherhood, witchcraft and magic. She was mother of horus and adopted child anubis.  She was wife of Osiris and queen of egypt.

She reassembled her husbands body to do mummification after he was murdered by set. Thoth and anubis helped her in doing The process .

Every year nile river floods and overflow  because of Isis’s tears.

8. Ptah

God of craftsmen. Ptah is the creator of universe and related to thing’s which are crafted made with hands and painting.

He’s not only a creator, he defended egypt from attacker’s. He was on earth  before mankind to create the world and assemble  the mankind and resources.

9. Ma’at

Goddess of truth, harmony and justice. She gave moral and ethical principle to Egyptian people. She said that universe is structured and balanced, to give evidence she said the rising and setting of sun.

Ancient Egyptian say’s that soul is Judged  in the hall of ma’at where the soul carries the heart which is weighed with the feather of ma’at which represents truth and justice.

10. Sobek

A guardian god.  Sobek is a crocodile headed god which is associated with river nile and known as god of water.

Sobek is represented to protect egypt from the disaster of nile. Sobek is one of the oldest and greatest god of Egypt.

This was all brief information about 10 Egyptian god’s this trend was followed till the empire of king akenaten he presented new way’s to worship god and changed the god’s but Egyptian people denied this change and the king later the king died with his believe’s.

Later king tut changed everything that akenaten introduced and bringed back old egyptain god’s and rituals.

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