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Entrepreneur:How to become  an entrepreneur?

I create.I take risk.I live my passion.I am an ENTREPRENEUR.

Entrepreneur:How to become  an entrepreneur?

Before going ahead into this post just ask yourself one out of all questions given below?

1.)You are a working professional but you are too bored from your 9 to 5 routine job?you feel like that doesn’t fit you but what to do,you feel totally confused?

2.)You are a student in your school or college….but the thing is that you don’t dream of Big 4(Deloitte,PWC,KPMG,EY) or other big firms in your specific field but Discussions on Startups is your favourite thing.

3.)You are a housewife or any other individual,who wants to work but only for them.In Short,”Be Your Own Boss” is the right thing for them.

If your answer is yes,then please go ahead……

Entrepreneur:A person who sets up a business or business,bearing all risks in order to earn profit.

Be Your Own Boss


The above equation tells much about being an Entrepreneur.

An Entrepreneur is the person,who takes advantage from the opportunities(Risk-Taker & Initiator),who invests capital (financial risk)and do all the activities(other risks) to create value (Product/service) which can satisfy needs (customers) and make the organisation profitable in order to run smoothly in the long run.


Entrepreneur:Qualities that AN ENTREPRENEUR must have?

Now let’s move towards the qualities that AN ENTREPRENEUR must have?


What are you passionate about?

Entrepreneurs are extremely passionate.The best part is by being passionate towards their goals,they give their 100%.They don’t waste their time on the things they are not good at or the things that are not important for them.

2.)Positive-Visionary Mindset:


Positive-Visionary MindsetEntrepreneurs have a visionary mindset.They dream big and are always looking for better opportunities.The thing that makes them different is not only they look for the opportunities but also know how to take advantage of them.

3.)People Skills:

People Skills

Entrepreneurs are great communicators.They have a genuine interest in people.They enjoy having valuable discussions on ideas instead of people.Moreover,they know how to make the most of their connections.


I love fixing problems.

Entrepreneurs love fixing problems.They like to know the functioning of the things and research on them.They like making things better and always seek for improvements.

5.)Leadership Skills:


Leadership Skills

Entrepreneurs have great leadership and team-building skills.They are very good at delegating tasks.They don’t need direction,but they give direction to the other people.They are good decision makers too.


Risk Taker

Entrepreneurs are always looking for opportunities.As they like to take advantage of better opportunities,They take initiative.They always take calculated risks.




Entrepreneurs have great financial skills.They are good at raising and managing funds.They take responsibility of every single penny they spend and earn.

8.)Creative Thinker:


Entrepreneurs are creative thinkers.They are very good at spotting new trends.The only reason behind this is to add value to something to make it better (Improvement) or create new value to meet more needs…..



Entrepreneurs not only dream but they make proper strategy to achieve their goals in a limited time-period.Meanwhile,They analyze themselves too.What are their strengths and weaknesses and then they work on them too.They believe in Hard+Smart Work.

10.)Agile Learner:

Keep Educating Yourself.

Entrepreneurs believe in constant growth.For making themselves grow,they keep learning new things and skills.They are fond of reading.They make mental health their top most priority.



Self-Discipline & Strong Will-Power is the key to make anything happen.Entrepreneurs have this key.They know what to sacrifice in order to achieve something big.They value their time very seriously and only then they get what other people don’t.

12.)Embrace Change:


Entrepreneurs embrace change.They look for opportunities in every change.They research,analyze & discuss them.If they find it useful,without procrastinating,they start taking action too.

13.)Company with Like-Minded People:

Like-Minded People.

Entrepreneurs enjoy the company of Like-Minded People.They seek out advisors & get feedback also.They share different ideas and discuss them.They enjoy taking part in debate sessions with people smarter than them.

14.)BYOB Thing:

Be Your Own Boss.

Entrepreneurs like to live on their own terms.They want all the credit for their hard+smart work.They want to make something happen and achieve something big.In short,”BE YOUR OWN BOSS” is their thing.Because,they want to live their lives to the fullest.

15.)Never Give-Up:

Never give up on your dreams.

Entrepreneurs never give-up on their dreams.They don’t fear failure.They learn from their mistakes and work on them,but they never quit.They keep moving ahead and achieve their goals.


It’s definite that those qualities are not a specific criteria to decide whether you can be one or not, but they surely  can help you to discover you more and the probability also.

For Example,

You possess 04-05 qualities,well you should think over again.

You possess 08-10 qualities,You need to adopt some more.

You possess 13-15 qualities,You are on the right way….


Conclusion:Entrepreneur:How to become an entrepreneur?

You can add more in those qualities and you can summarize them in 10 or less.Moreover,Some people say that entrepreneurs are born,some say they are made.But,at last the only thing,that matters is “YOU”…”ONLY YOU” if you think that you wanna be one (no matter you only possess 7 or may be less) & you are consistent in your efforts in the particular field,that your are passionate about….Nobody can stop you from being an ENTREPRENEUR….Keep moving forward….All the very Best….

Entrepreneur:How to become AN ENTREPRENEUR?
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Entrepreneur:How to become AN ENTREPRENEUR?
Entrepreneur:How to become an entrepreneur? Entrepreneur:How to become an entrepreneur? Before going ahead into this post just ask yourself one question out