First of all, we need to understand that what is fitness supplement so let’s make it simple and Supplement as the name says a thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it. As far as fitness goals are concerned now days supplement plays a very important role in our life because of today as you know the quality of food is diminishing day by day and you can’t expect a good quality food near you and with the food only, you can’t complete our full requirement of the macros and micros practically so there comes the role of fitness supplementation.

Different kinds of training require different kinds of nutrition in order to perform to the optimum level for example after a heavy resistance training body requires a different kind of nutrition as compared to a person running a marathon.


When the emphasis of the training focuses on muscle hypertrophy, many exercises and bodybuilders ingest compounds that supposedly aid in the formation of new muscle mass. The most common ergogenic aids include CREATINE MONOHYDRATE, supplemental protein, branch chain amino acids, GLUTAMINE, NITRIC OXIDE, and HMB.


Creatine is already present in food and also our body produces 50 per cent of creatine in liver, kidneys and pancreas which means creatine is a nutrient, not magic.

When creatine enters your body then your body first convert it to creatine phosphate which stores in muscle, now when you workoutyou get energy actually creatine gives you extra energy during the workout through ATP , then after workout creatine further breaks out into creatinine (creatinine is basically a waste material) then enters to your blood.

Now as you know kidney filters the blood so it goes out through urine. So this is the process of creatine.



Whey is a high-quality protein with vast nutritional properties that occurs naturally in cow’s milk. Whey protein is a complete protein containing all eight essential amino acids. It is extracted and purified in the cheese making process. So this the process of how whey is made :

Though it’s a fast absorbing protein so its timing is really very important for this. so it must be consumed within an hour of workout bout due to the rapid absorption and permeability of the cell membrane.

Whey also contains glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that boosts immune function. This may provide an additional benefit for strength training athletes, who may compromise their immune systems through intense training.

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Casein is also a high-quality protein and represents the highest percentage of protein found in milk. Casein has a slower release of amino acids and is not ideal for rapid protein replacement post-exercise because after exercise our body needs fast absorbing protein like WHEY so we can’t take casein protein.

Glutamine, an anti-catabolic amino acid, is found in high concentrations in casein. Due to the body’s slow digestion rate of casein, it should be consumed in the evening during rest. Casein does contain a small amount of lactose or milk sugar that could cause a problem for lactose intolerant individuals.

Casein does contain a small amount of lactose or milk sugar that could cause a problem for lactose intolerant individuals.

(the theory that consuming excess protein facilitates greater gains in muscle size is false)

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. The body requires approximately 20 amino acids of which eight are classified as essential amino acids that can’t be synthesized by the body. The BCAA are essential amino acids that must be consumed in the diet. Long duration endurance activities use protein as a fuel source when glucose is depleted. Branched-chain amino acids easily convert to fuel.

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Glutamine is a non-essential naturally occurring among acid found within the muscle cell. During prolonged exercise, proteins are used as a fuel source for muscle contractions. Amino acids such as glutamine are used as precursors for gluconeogenesis in the formation of glycogen.

The premise behind glutamine supplementation is to reduce functional changes in muscle tissue and negative nitrogen metabolism. Increasing glutamine is intended to decrease the use of protein for fuel, decreasing the catabolic effect of muscle wasting.


It is a semi conditional amino acid produced naturally in the body that is purported to have numerous beneficial effects. The normal functions of arginine include aiding in protein synthesis, increasing immune and nervous system function, increasing immune and nervous system function, increasing oxygen delivery to the heart, and regulating growth hormone levels.

So if we sum it up the we can conclude that supplement is not necessary until or unless you are completing all your macro and micros requirement by diet , my advice to you is that first of all focus on diet because in my opinion solid food is always better than any kind of supplementation and please don’t depend on any kind of supplement try to gain some knowledge about supplementation , I hope am able to clear all you doubts regarding supplementation.



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