Global warming is caused by ? facts and information

With increasing incomes and standard of living more people are starting to increase investment in Air conditioner to be comfortable . Global warming is caused by air conditioner and refrigerator Its market is facing major growth in years to come, introducing many challenges for future generations.

The consumption of electricity by Air conditioner and fridge is more than 15% of worldwide electricity Usage. In India 8% of country’s population is using Air conditioner as a report of march 2018. Coverage is expected to rise to 50% till 2050, which would mean a significant increase in Global warming . Global warming is caused by factor of Chlorine gas which is chemical compound. Chlorine is responsible for keeping you cool on hot summer days used in AC and refrigerator.

Global warming is a primarily a primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide in atmosphere- which acts as blanket trapping heat and warming the planet. carbon dioxide survives in the atmosphere for a long time and up to many centuries so it heat ups gases About 100 million of carbon dioxide each year which is a huge number to be considered is produced. It is also known that one mole of chlorine destroys one million mole of ozone molecule. Chlorine is used in many electronics appliances and many devices due to which there is a great harm to planet.

Global warming is caused by AC and refrigerators . Some of the expert says that may be in future when climate in some places will be so hot. Air conditioner won’t be able to maintain comfortable temperature if the use of this electronic item continues.

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