GST to be charged on fuel?

Winter session of parliament.

GST to be charged on fuel?  In recent Winter Session of parliament, our Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley gave an indication on GST to be included in fuel.

What Will Happen?

GST to be charged on fuel? If includes in fuel the price’s may fall down which is good for consumer’s said finance minister. Thus the decision is to be taken regarding. Discussion session may be arranged with our former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh well-known economist too.  So if the GST gets added it may be useful and pocket-friendly.

Current rate’s

As the rates are changing on daily basis today’s rate is 78.01

The fuel taxes are still charged on VAT basis so govt is trying to bring that in GST.

Hike in rates? 

As petrol is still under VAT which is different from GST so one reason might be the VAT.

The crude oil changing higher is the most noticeable hike reason.

The procession charges and commission of petrol pump dealer is also increasing which is affecting the rates.

A good News 

Govt might give a big surprise as they are planning to add more methanol to petrol so that it will decrease the rates for the procession of petrol. So this is going to impact the finished petrol rates by decreasing it. So automatically the rates for petrol we are paying may come down.

I think GST should be applied to petrol too so that the price may come down of Petrol as well as Diesel the hike is increasing day by day thus it is effecting pocket too.

Follow the link for GST Registration.

GST to be charged on fuel?
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GST to be charged on fuel?
GST to be charged on fuel?  In recent Winter session of parliament our finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley gave indication on GST to be include in fuel.

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