Home workout V/S Gym Training


Home workout v/s Gym workout

There are so many types of fitness training which can be done at gym as well as at home but the main thing is workout and also it depends upon purpose of doing any workout like it depends on so many factors like what is your fitness GOAL so if you have a goal of just general fitness then you can easily workout at home and if you have some specific goals like muscle building/ hypertrophy then you must need a dedicated gym for properly workout.

Actually at home we have some limitations like we have some limited amount of weights we can’t perform hypertrophy at home because it requires lot of weights because in order to increase size you must need good weights and also there are some progressions week by week which isn’t possible at home.

Pros and cons of joining a GYM


Varieties and options: Exercise is so much easier when you have lot of options like for example you want to do cardio then you just have lot of options like Treadmill, cross trainer, elliptical, stair climber etc. & on the other hand if you want strength training then you again have lots & lots of options like you have so many weights around you to play.

Motivation: Weather you can say it a motivation or atmosphere you will feel some kind of positive atmosphere at the gym because all are working out and you also have a motivation to workout you can say it an energy working around you.


The Money: You have to pay some amount of money in order to use gym services which may sometime be more or less for different people even some high-end clubs charges you a lot for using gym services.

Time & effort: Everybody doesn’t have that much time to workout after doing their full time job also some people are unable to go to gym for workout because they don’t wanted to do that much effort, so this is also a very important thing specially nowadays where people are so much busy in their work/job.  

Pros and cons of Working out at Home


It’s pocket friendly: Seriously its really in budget while you working out at home because you don’t have to pay any charges for using any equipment’s it’s your home, you can perform some bodyweight workouts which doesn’t requires any kind of machines or equipment so its very easy.

Convenience: you don’t have to drive anywhere in order to workout you can just workout at home easily without any hustle so it becomes very easy and convenient for you to workout at home. 


Excuses: while home workout is a very good option but we can also have some excuses like , lets leave workout today will do it tomorrow also there is some lack of motivation because of that one can’t workout at it’s fullest which is again a very bad thing because there is a direct connection to our health, taking my example I also had setup my full gym at home but I workout there once in a blue moon so sometimes it becomes really difficult to workout at home.

Boredom: At the gym, you have lots of scenery to distract you and, sometimes, we really do need a distraction. If you don’t have enough variety, you might just get too bored with your workouts.

So if we move to a conclusion then we can simply see that we can do both the things as per our convenience while its working out at home or at GYM we just need some purpose to do that our prime goal must be to have a healthy lifestyle and be fit GYM doesn’t matters but it also depends upon the case , for example an athlete can’t train at home he definitely need some kind of gym in order to perform better but a person who is willing to just be fit he can do all of his workouts at home easily.

Home workout
home workout

Content by: Siddhant Sharma

                 (certified fitness trainer & nutritionist)

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