How dogs help with anxiety

Are you stressed because of the hustle and bustle of urbanite life and engrossed with anxiety or stress? Nowadays, coping with stress, tension, work pressure and anxiety is a crucial part of life. People often become clueless to find out the solution to release stress. Here is the solution, your own buddy i.e. your dog is a great help in helping you to overcome anxiety and depression. Here you will learn how dogs help with anxiety to make you live happier.

Among several pets, dogs are one of the mood boosters who help you release your stress and other psychological related issues. You may be confused that how dogs help with anxiety? However, according to a professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Stanford University, “Holding and stroking a pet dog is calming for many people, even those with or without anxiety problems.” Taking a pet pup on your lap and playing with is scientifically proved helpful for the human being to release tensions. You can adopt dogs like Bulldogs, Greyhounds, Labs, Boxers, Golden Retrievers, Saint Bernard, Poodles, and many other stress-releasing dogs to get rid of several illnesses and anxiety.

Signs of dogs that help with anxiety

How dogs help with anxiety

You may feel anxious, nervous, depressed, lonely and restless; don’t worry, a service dog or companion pet animal will definitely help you to get rid of the issues. As per scientific research, there are service dogs that are known as Emotional Support Animals (ESA) that act as therapy dogs to lift up your spirit and bring joy to your life as small babies do. Therefore, it is medically recommended to adopt or rescue a dog for releasing stress. Dogs are very sensitive and they understand your tension by interpreting your voice tone, body language, and gestures. A four-legged companion will definitely gauge your emotions and try to understand your problems with a few signs of relieving stress. Here are some signs of dogs that help with anxiety:

  1. Gazing – If you are a pet owner then look at the cute and lovely eyes of your canine friend. You will find selfless love in them because they gaze at you in a cute and adoring way which will naturally release your tension and weariness.
  2. Listening – The pet dogs always try to listen to your words and understand your expression. After that, they behave in an adorable and humorous way to bring a smile on your face.
  3. Wagging Tail – When you are depressed or in a state of restlessness, your cute pup wags their tails in a loveable and humorous way. Seeing this behavior can definitely act as a mood booster.
  4. Cuddling – Just cuddle and stroke your hand on the soft fur or coat of your furry friend and experience an inner relief. Psychologically this is one of the ways to chill your mood.
  5. Licking – You may have noticed your dog often licks you. This may not look good but sometimes, this behavior may help you release your stress naturally as per psychology.
  6. Showing Protectiveness – When you are sad or in a problematic state, your four-legged friend comes close to you, tries to change your mood and make you smile or laugh by acting in a funny way and cuddling you in a protective way.

After looking at all the signs of dogs that help with anxiety, don’t you want to rescue or adopt a friendly and lovely pup for turning your sad and stressful mood into a jovial mood? If yes, then try to do that.

History of therapy dogs for anxiety

therapy dogs for anxiety

If you turn the pages of the history of therapy dogs for anxiety, then you will see pups are used by the army and police units for their sense of temperament, smelling, and tracking abilities. Moreover, dogs like German Shepherd also used to help the individuals in armed forces and police departments who suffered from anxiety and depression. In the modern days also some breeds have the capacity to offer mental, emotional and physical assistance. Again when we go back to the history of therapy dogs for anxiety, during the First World War in 1982, Germany totally relied on dogs for both the work of sending a message and curing mental illness. During that time, dogs were also trained to help deaf people.

Benefits of having a dog in your life

Benefits of having a dog in your life

Adopting healthy livelihood with good habits may play a major role in reducing anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, stress, diabetes, and PTSD. Caring and handling your dog in several ways may help you in changing your lifestyle positively. Know the benefits of having a dog in your life as follows:

Exercise – Running with a dog and taking it to a morning or evening walk during your leisure time may help you maintain your weight, stress level and other diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, and cardiac problems. Researches and studies have proved, dog owners easily meet their regular workout schedule because they usually take their pup for a walk daily. This keeps both the pup and the owner fit and healthy.

Companionship – Sometimes, because of loneliness, people feel depressed, sad and helpless. A dog can be your best friend during the adverse period of life. Your pup will make you busy in caring for it, making its foods, cleaning it, cuddling it and being busy in all these activities. These tasks will not only boost your mood but keep you away from isolation, sorrow and tension which are the main problems of life along with health disorders.

Bringing Comfort – The touch, movement and the love of your pet pup can really bring happiness and comfort in your life and feel calm and peaceful.

Meeting New People – Another benefit of having a dog in your life as pet dogs are the best social lubricant that helps you in starting a new friendship and meeting with new people in parks, roads, river-side or sea beaches where you can make friends with other dog owners. You can also meet new people in the pet training institute, clubs. Your canine companion builds your self-confidence and makes you stress-free because they like to live the present moment without thinking about the past and future and also try to make you happy without worrying about anything.

Benefits of pets for child development

benefits of pets for child development

Not only adults but, the health benefits of pets for child development by pet dogs in reducing stress is also praiseworthy. They are not only the energy boosters but also playful friends and mentors for small children. Have a look at some of the examples:

• Pet dogs are never critical to a child, unlike the parents and teachers. They always protect and love children like siblings, and best friends to relief them from fear and education-related tensions. • A four-legged companion always helps emotional attachment and teaches children with their activity to build positive, caring and strong relationships with everyone. • According to medical science, pet dogs help calm the overly, hyperactive and aggressive kids if trained properly. • The love and protectiveness of the pet dog make a child feel confident, special, happy and energetic if he or she has working parents who have less time for the child. • Playing with dogs help children active intellectually and physically with relaxation. • As per research, the benefits of pets for child development in autistic and learning disabled children need to be trained dogs to reduce their tension and frustration in life.

Benefits of pets for the elderly

benefits of pets for the elderly

As well as companionship and mood-boosting, health benefits for elderly people by dogs in reducing anxiety are also quite impressive. When people get older they feel isolated and they need a friend. In that time a pet dog can feel the void place in several ways.

As a social medium, your pet dog will help you to make new friends in parks, training centers, and clubs and take away your loneliness. Your pup will help in boosting vitality with workouts, playfulness, jovialness, and laughter to relieve stress and another disease like cardiac problems or diabetes that is related to aging. According to the research of the University of California at Davis, the Alzheimer patient also gets rid of mental stress and outburst of sorrow.


This is how dogs help with anxiety.
Don’t worry if you are isolated and fighting with stress or depression, your pet dog will help in releasing anxiety and lead a healthy and happy life free from health disorder and tension. You just need to take a quick step to adopt or rescue service dogs or stress-releasing pups.

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