1. Run ad campaign – benefits of social media

benefits of social media. Let us first understand what is ad campaign? The ad showed in the side of a corner when we search anything on google called ad campaign. A businessman will play this ad and you are a target audience. I also wrote a blog on ad campaign you can check it out later. In simple words, if you wanna promote your business through Google ads called ad campaign.

Torun an ad campaign, you had to define a target audience because we cannot run ads all over India having a population of 125crores as ads are very costly. Sometimes it may reach 45 per click. Target audience means people who are interested in your product and want to buy them. You should know about the things your target audience finds interesting . Also, u must know everything about them like name, age, sex, address of your city or town. This method is very helpful to promote business.

benefits of social media

2. Run ads on social media -benefits of social media

Social media is of different different types in essence Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat. Let we talk about youtube, you can run an ad of your product on YouTube in the form of video. In Facebook, you can list your products on the page of the Facebook business.

If you are doing the business of beauty or fashion then Instagram is best for you because Instagram is the best way to promote the business of beauty and fashion ads. LinkedIn is also a good option for social media marketing. You can run b2b ads on LinkedIn. B2B means business to business. People who do work of wholesale runs b2b most. Who does work in bulk can runs ads on Linkedin. Social media is a very good platform for promoting business. If you use social media in a good way, you can increase your business from 0 to 70-80percent. There are many companies who get success with the help of social media. benefits of social media

3. Sponsor youtube

In today’s time, youtube is a big platform for each and every person. There are many people who make videos and upload them on YouTube. But few of them have millions of subscribers. That’s why businessman makes deals with these you tuber and promote business. If your product is of good quality and is authorized, you can also crack a deal with famous you tuber by messaging them on their official ID’s. This will affect your business a lot. You can sponsor them. There is a brand called go noise who sponsor BB ki vines ( a famous you tuber) reached success. Every single subscriber of bb ki vines knew about go noise 

4. Making social account

Guys, you must have accounts on social pages in essence on Instagram, Facebook, Linked in so that people can follow you on these accounts and get updated about the new product of your brand. You can make these accounts free of cost. Social media boost your brand equity. Through social media you can boost your business all over the world   

benefits of social media

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