How the internet can help you develop your knowledge and skills

how the internet can help? In today’s time, the internet has become a part of human life. Today’s generation is addicted to the internet. Internet is both boon and curse. But we should use the internet in a good way. Let us talk about how the internet can develop our knowledge and skills.


 Google is the search engine of the internet. Whatever you type in Google it gives us results. For example, you are studying and you didn’t understand any particular word, you can type it on Google and you will get the meaning.

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 Youtube also develop our mind. Let us see how? One can upload videos on youtube without paying something. There are many channels/videos on YouTube related to a single topic. If you search about technology, many videos will appear onscreen. The main you tuber of technology is technical guru g and he has 14million subscribers. He tells about the new gadget and you will get updated after seeing his videos.

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 This information is given in the form of video. And we all know the informative videos get stored in our mind rather than informative reading. You can also develop your skills on YouTube. For example, one can improve his / her cooking skills by watching cooking videos. There are other videos on YouTube related to study, singing, acting, dancing, motivational videos. U just have to type it on the search button.

Online course at home

 how the internet can help? Online coursing at home, by the use of the internet, you can complete or continue your studies at home. Many applications come into use for studies nowadays like Lynda, skill share which provides you every type of course and having fewer fees. Courses in Universities or in colleges are more expensive, it also contains traveling expenses and wastage of time traveling. These apps give you the knowledge and also develop your skill, with this they also give certificates to students and these certificates are acceptable in the market.

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online courses

 This is cheaper than Universities. Moreover, they also provide coupon codes and discount. For example, if you wanna do web designing, you have to choose a particular course of web designing and you can learn it from Lynda and share skills. They provide every type of course in essence on photography, on marketing, etc. These courses are very effective.  Therefore the internet has many uses. One can also find timings of trains, buses, etc. If you forget the way to your city, the internet also helps in these matters. It means the internet adds value, knowledge, and skills to your life.  It is like a boon of good for us. You can get success on the internet only if it is used in the right way. The Internet has also become a source of money. Many you tubers get success and money due to the internet. 

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