How to become a Successful Blogger And Also Learn More About Blogging- One of the Most Lucrative Career Options

A laptop along with a smartphone and a book
A laptop along with a smartphone and a book

Yes, you can start your career in blogging and can earn a decent amount of money from it.

When I was about to enter the field of blogging, I encountered many questions and was in doubt whether this is the right career option for me.

So, I am listing out the questions which I encountered initially and I am providing the answers for you, to help you based on my exhaustive research on blogging.

What is blogging?

In simple words, blogging means sharing the knowledge or your thoughts or opinions in the text form.

You can also add images and videos to your blog, but the text must be the main portion of a blog post.

In blogging profitable in 2019?

Yes, blogging is very much profitable in 2019, provided your blog must add some value to the lives of others.

The bloggers who started their career before 2010, like Harsh Agrawal are earning in lakhs of rupees per month now.

Now, we are living in the Digital India times, thanks to Jio, so you can imagine the potential and reach of blogging.

As many new people enter the world of internet daily, you can make them your audience by providing the useful information to them through your blogs.

What are the requirements to start a blog?

The most important requirement to start a blog is having a computer with internet connection.

Yes, you can blog through mobile but blogging on a computer is hundred times easier than blogging on a mobile phone.

And you need an internet connection to do online research about the topic on which you like to blog and the internet is also required to connect with  other bloggers and to share your blog to different social media platforms.

How to earn by blogging?

You can earn very well by linking your blog with Google AdSense. Apart from AdSense, there are several different ad networks out there.

Online marketing
Online marketing

You can also earn by affiliate marketing, by selling your own stuff on your website, etc.

Does blogging require monetary investment?

If you like to invest some money in starting your blogging career, then you need just around thousand rupees in purchasing a domain, hosting, etc.

Even if you don’t have a single rupee, still you can start your own blog on the free blogging platform, Blogger. is a very good product from Google, which provides you with free website and hosting.

How to make your blog successful?

For your blog to become successful, you must write great content.

Also, the content should be original, that is you should not copy and paste content from any website or blog.

If you do copy the content, Google is very smart to detect such actions.

The content is the king and the king-maker of any blog.

All the themes and blogging platforms are just like the cover of the book but your content is the like the story of the book.

A table in a hotel
A table in a hotel

Let me explain you clearly with the help of an example, suppose if you went for dinner to a seven-star hotel, and even after paying huge amount of money, if you have been served with low quality food, then in future, you will never visit that hotel again in your life.

Additionally, you would also inform about the bad quality of food in that hotel to your family and friends.

But if you get great quality food in a local hotel for very cheap prices, you would like visiting that hotel on a regular basis and you would also do Word-of-mouth marketing for that hotel.

Similarly, in the case of blogging, if you provide content of negligible value to your audience, then your blog will not get any views even if you invest heavily in the blog design, marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation),etc.

But if your content is of high value and is original, then slowly but steadily your blog will start to grow, you will become popular, even if you are not an expert in SEO or website designing.

Then, people would also love to share your blog; this will gain you new readers.

So, the content is the heart and soul of a blog.

On which topics should I blog?

Always start a blog on the topics on which you have interest.

Many blindly start blogging on technology and digital marketing just by looking at the income of the successful bloggers in those fields, but this is wrong.

Never ever start a blog on the topic on which you have no interest, as after a period of time you will definitely quit blogging altogether.

When you start the blog on the topic on which you have interest, you will be very interested to write about those topics and will also be interested to learn more about such topics.

What are the best blogging platforms?

The best blogging platforms include and WordPress.

WordPress provides many features compared to the Blogger platform.

You can easily start your blog on either of these platforms.

If you are a newbie, starting a blog on would be advisable.

How much time it takes to earn a decent amount of money from blogging?

A pile of coins
A pile of coins

To earn a decent income from blogging, it might take anywhere between six months to one-and-a-half-year.

Your income also depends upon several factors, like the quality and niche of your blog, your blogging frequency, etc.

From where can I get blogging ideas?

You can get ideas to start a blog or to write a blog post from different sources like YouTube, Google, news, etc.

The internet provides you with a great deal of information.

How can I identify my area of interest?

If you are facing trouble regarding finding your interests for starting your blog, then I recommend you to go to the subscription section of your YouTube.

You might have subscribed to the YouTube channels, which you find interesting.

So, just watch those YouTube videos and get ideas on the topics on which you are wishing to start a blog.

Can you give me some examples of the successful bloggers in India?

Yes, I am mentioning the names of the successful bloggers in India, along with their income for providing you the motivation to start blogging.

Please note that the information about their income is sourced from a Business Insider article; please refer this article to know more about many successful bloggers (

Amit Agarwal earns around Rs30,00,000/ month.

Harsh Agarwal earns around Rs18,00,000/ month.

Arun Prabhudesai earns around Rs13,00,000/ month.

Which blogs are likely to fail?

The blogs which focus on your personal and daily life, video games, etc. are bound to fail.

Because sincerely speaking, many people don’t care about one’s personal life; all they want is the knowledge which helps them in their lives.

What makes you a successful blogger?

These qualities are the pre-requisites to become as successful blogger-

Patience– In blogging, you will earn decent amount of money only after working for a period of over 6 months, so patience is required.

Originality– You must not copy and paste the content from anywhere, as it results in copyright issues.

Creativity– You must be creative enough to write creatively to attract new readers and to maintain your existing readers.

Discipline– You will grow in the blogging field only when you are disciplined. You must treat you blog as a business and as a job, only then you will attain success.

Consistency– Being consistent is the best SEO practice. Your readers will expect you to publish articles at a consistent rate; it can be one article per day or one article per week. You must be consistent in your work.

Willing to learn– You must always stay up-to-date on the topics on which you blog, only then you can provide up-to-date information to your readers. For this you can read newspapers, magazines and watch videos.

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All the best for your endeavors!!!

Thank you for reading
Thank you for reading

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