How To Crack Government Exam Without Any Coaching

India is the oldest surviving civilization. It is the only one which has maintained its culture and values through time. Since the starting of time and human marks on Indian soil, there was always a structured govt in one or the other form. As the Govt always existed and so did the government jobs albeit in different names and designations. In the following blog, we will explore why Indians are so obsessed with “Sarkari Naukri”?Importance of Government jobs from the country’s economic point of view and benefits of government jobs that make it more attractive.

Importance of Government jobs from the country’s economic point of view
Government jobs are far more satisfying than posts in the private sector. Apart from the common point of view, there is a very significant amount of workforce indulged in government sector jobs. The Indian armed forces are the eighth largest employer whwerailway is the seventh-largest employer in the world together employing about 2.7 million people and contributing not only to the purchasing power but also to the defense and transportation needs of the country.
Govt of India backed O.N.G.C. is an active firm in the field of natural gas and petroleum production and is a significant player in the country’s economy. Other government-owned and supported companies like Ordnance Factory Board, SAIL, Hindustan Cables limited, B.S.N.L., G.A.I.L., N.T.P.C., etc. have a remarkable presence in the foreign as well as domestic market producing a lot of income for the Government. Therefore, people working in all such organization not only better opportunities for themselves but also provide the nation with a large amount of capital to prosper and sustain. Their contribution to the common national goals and interest is more visible and clear than the other Indian citizens, so other government agencies often give government servants special facilities and treatment.

Benefits of having a government job
• Job security
• Timely salary
• Free healthcare facilities:
• Fixed promotion
• Provident fund
• Number of holidays
• Annual salary increment
• Pension benefits
For some peoples to crack a government exam is a challenging task. Basically, to crack a government needs smart work and consistency and the most important thing is the right strategy. Read about this strategies in detail:- How to Crack Goverment Exam

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