Digital Marketing | How to do Digital Marketing Correctly

How to Do Digital Marketing of Business?

Do you know what digital marketing is?

Do you know how to make digital marketing strategies for your business?

Do you know where to start the digital marketing of your business?

Do you understand the approach of different digital marketing platforms?

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is very important aspect of business.

Digital marketing is branch of marketing where you use digital platforms to advertise or promote your business.

 Nowadays businesses understand the importance of digital marketing or want to do digital marketing of their business. Internet users are now increasing day by day.

 Now audience is going digital Businesses also want to go on digital platforms to communicate with their platforms.

 So Businesses understand the importance of internet marketing but they are confused how to start digital marketing of their business.

They are confused what strategies should they used for their digital marketing.

What are the best digital platforms for their business?

 They are often confused from where to start their digital marketing.

So if you are a business owner or recently start your own company most probably you are confused about how to do digital marketing for your business.

Do you need an employee (Digital Marketer) to start your digital marketing?  

Do you outsource this work to a digital marketing agency?

It’s so simple if you recently started a company or business then you need not hire a company or pay them to 20-30k.

You can simply outsource this work to a digital marketing. Who do it very few amounts?

So if you are startup always outsources this work or if your business well establishes or financially stable then you can hire an employee.

 Even you can also do digital marketing of your business yourself.

Here is the complete process how to quick start digital marketing for your business.

How to do Digital Marketing?

1. Digital Entity- Make a Website

The step of starting your digital marketing is creating a business website in which you show about your business, your product or services or contact details etc.

Creating a website is like an Aadhar card in the digital world. In every step of internet marketing you need a website.

Making a website is very simple very and you can make it in very less amount.

 For creating a website you have to buy a domain that is suitable for your business or hosting where your website is the host. 

How to Create a Website

1. Choose a Domain

2. Choose Hosting

3. Connect Domain to hosting

4. Install Wordpress

5. Activate Suitable theme

6. Customize the theme with your content

So there are the step of creating a website.

You can make it yourself by watching videos on Youtube or you can learn it anywhere.

Top 10 Types of Website

2. Make Visible Your Website on Search Engine- SEO

The second step in internet marketing is optimizing your website according to Search Engine.

 Search Engine Optimization is the process of makes visibility of your website in search engines to generate organic traffic or unpaid traffic.

How much SEO your website needs is dependent on your niche.

If there is a high competition in your niche your website wants more Search Engine Optimization.

 If there is less competition in your niche then your website easily ranks.

Search engine Optimization Includes-

On-Page optimization

Off-page optimization

Quality Backlink

Guest Post


Website Speed

Content Optimization

Local SEO

You can also read our blog on What are the advantages of SEO? to know more about various advantages and benefits of SEO.

3. Get in Touch With Your Potential Customer-Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing includes creating your presence on social media or run paid ad campaigns on social media platforms.

Creating a presence on social media platforms is very important because there is a huge audience on social media platforms.

Social media presence is very essential for every business or putting valuable content is also essential but running a paid AD campaign is not necessary.

You can run an ad campaign according to your needs. If you want to do branding for your business or want to generate more lead then you probably run an ad campaign for your business website.

Social Media Marketing Includes                  

1. Create Profile/Page on Social Media Platforms

2. Setup or optimize Page/Profile

3. Post on a regular basis

4. Run Ad Campaign (if you want)

Social Media marketing has its own benefits and advantages. You can read our detailed blog on What are the Advantages of Social Media Marketing?

4. Communicate with Potential Clients- Email Campaign

Email is also an important part of internet marketing.

Set up your email campaign if you want to communicate with your potential customers through email marketing.

 If you also want to send a newsletter to your customer then you need an email campaign.

5. Paid Advertising (PPC) – Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing includes paid advertising on search engines.

 If there is high competition in your niche it will very difficult to get organic traffic or SEO will take a lot of time to rank on Google.

 So if you want to rank in a short time or there is high competition in your niche then SEM is very important for. Google

Adwords are platforms where you can run your search engine marketing campaign.

It is also known by PPC.

PPC stands for pay per click.

 In SEM if some search your keyword then your website will appear on top results of Google if someone clicks on your website then you have to pay to Google for per click.

Google Adwords gives such amazing features like target behalf on interest, age, location or gender, etc.

Here I have explained in detail about What are the advantages of PPC?

6. Engage With Audience- Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a process in which you provide valuable or informative content to your audience on a regular basis.

Through content marketing you build a relationship with your targeted audience.

Content marketing includes blog, social media post etc.

If you want to educate our audience or you want to show your expertise in a specific niche, Content marketing is really for you.

Content marketing needs consistency don’t put your content on a regular basis then it will not give you so many benefits.

So it is important to put content on regular basis.


Digital marketing includes internet marketing platforms.

Understand only what digital marketing is not enough you have to understand different platforms of internet marketing.

There is a different uses of every different platforms.

You don’t do all the above steps because every platform has its even uses.

Some of these steps are necessary like website, basic SEO or social media presence is important for everyone but SEM, paid advertising, influencer marketing or email marketing its own benefits or uses.

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