How to Select Best Web Hosting?

Do you know how to choose best web hosting?

 Do you know which  type of web hosting is best for your website?

What is Best Web hosting?

A web hosting is a service or technology that will make your website or webpage viewed on internet.

A web hosting is a place or computer where your website is host. Hosting is very essential part in making a website.

 In real world example hosting is a space like your offline store takes space or physic location.

 In internet world your website wants space where it can be host. So there is various web hosting service providers.

Before developing a website you have to buy a domain or hosting.

Domain is our name of website or hosting is where our website is host.

 Web Hosting service providers have a large no. of data centre on different location.

On these data location centers there is a huge no. of computer or 24 Hours electricity.

It is place where your website is host. There is a huge no. of website can be hosted on the centers.

 It is possible you can make your own server where you can host your own website but its cost so much.

You have to spend a lot of money before creating your own web hosting.

 So there is various web hosting services provider who can provide web hosting in little money.

So I hope you will understand what is web hosting.

In the next, I will tell you how to choose best web hosting for your website.

How to Choose Best Web Hosting?

People are always asking me how to choose best web hosting.

 Choosing best web hosting is very important or essential part of making a website because if your website hosting not much better, then it will slow your website.

 It will give a negative impact on your website visitors or customers.

So these are the key point you should always remember when choosing best hosting.

1. Website your want to make-

before choosing any web hosting ask below question to yourself.

What type of website do you want to make? 

Determine what type of website you want to make.

Do you want to make online store?

Do you want to make a blog website?

Do you want to make your personal site?

Do you want to make a business site?

So if you determine the above. You decided what type of website is your need then choose hosting.

Choosing a hosting is depending on type of your website.

If you want a ecommerce site, then you should select a powerful web hosting.

 If you want to make your personal website or a blog then you choose any type of hosting according to your specification.

2. Hosting Type –

Before choosing any hosting you also need to understand hosting type.

Shared Hosting- Shared hosting is cheapest of all hosting because in share hosting there is a large number of website hosted on same server. Shared hosting means a dedicated server is shared among various sites. This type of hosting is preferred for small to medium websites.

VPS Hosting- VPS stand for virtual private server is a mini dedicated server. It generally uses more powerful hardware and takes its name from the fact that while multiple websites are being stored on the same physical hardware.

Cloud hosting- Cloud hosting is a large bank of interlinked servers. It will helpful for those who want to their website 100% uptime or they not care much about money. Cloud hosting is very costly or suitable for those who want their website 100% uptime.

3.  Storage or RAM

How to Select Best Web Hosting?

A web hosting is computer where resources are dedicating to do availability or make website available on internet.

Like your personal computer there is also Ram in hosting server. Ram is responsible for rendering your files or speed of your website. A normal website with 200 daily visitors is needed for 2-4 GB ram.

Storage is total space of server you can use for your website. In storage you can upload your various files. So always remember how much ram or storage your website want or buy hosting according to that.

4. Bandwidth & Data transfer-

bandwidth or data transfer

Bandwidth is amount of data transfer between your end users or hosting server.

Need of amount is depend on type of you website.

For understanding need of bandwidth you need to know how much viewers view your website on one time and how much data is available on your website for downloading.

5. Domains & Email-

Before choosing any web hosting also remember how much domains you want to connect with your hosting.

 Also remember how much email accounts you want to create on you’re hosting like [email protected].

So choose hosting according to your domains or emails account need.

6. Security & support-

Security & support are another important feature you should know before buying any hosting.

Check SSL certificate because it is important factor for security or it is mandatory by Google.

You should also check support of your hosting provider. Is your hosting provider providing email, or mobile support on 24*7

 Always check their support system because it will help you to resolve further issue.

7. Price-

How to Select Best Web Hosting?

The other important keynote is how much pay for  web hosting.

Web hosting cost is different from providers to providers. Shared hosting is cheap web hosting starting from 150 to 450.

 VPS hosting started from 500 to 3000.

Cloud hosting is started from 600 to 2000.

 This is standard price range of different type of hosting.

8.  Data Center Location –

Before buying any hosting always check nearest data center of your hosting.

Data server center is a location where your web server is located.

 For example you’re in India you want to create a website for Indians. In this case you have to select Indian data center because if your data center is outside from India, then it will take some extra time to open you website

. So always choose data center where your most audience is located.

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Best Web Hosting Providers in India

1.  Hostinger

2.  Bigrock

3.  Google

4. Hostgator

5. Blueocean

6. Godaddy

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