How to start a blog in 2020 | Learn everything About Blogging

Are you looking for an easy and free guide on how to start a blog in 2020?

This is a free guide which explains everything about starting a blog in 2020. It will show you everything which could help you in starting your blog.

Before Starting this blog guide, Let me Ask you one thing, Why nowadays People are so passionate about blogging?

Except for the earning source, people use this platform to build up their online reach and blogging helps them to make a broader audience that’ll help them for career opportunities in the future.


Before we start, Ask this question to yourself.

The reason may be of Developing your personality,  creating opportunities for yourself, Sharing your own stories, meeting New people and obviously of making money. 💵

If I Talk from my point of view then maybe you want to expand your online reach because as nowadays everyone is so connected to the internet and if you start Blogging then it helps you to reach millions of people by simply post your content.

But is it too easy to post your content and get your Audience?


The main difference between blogging sites and any other websites is of content and website presentation.

Just look at my these Blogging Sites:- Daily Discussi0n, Thefoodandtravel , Harjaani (These Websites are blogging sites.)

But if you visit a website like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Flipkart so it clearly shows you the difference in Blogging sites and other Websites.

What is a Blog?

In Very Simple words, Some informational content or posts published on world wide web which is run by an individual or small group is termed as a Blog.

Basically, blogs are displayed as reverse chronological order, so that newer one served as a first. “Updating Regularly doesn’t mean that you continuously post anything about your Niche. you have a focus on the Quality Content”

Generally, blogs are updated regularly it may be of Any Niche, it could be of recipes, photography, stories, Technology, reviews, teaching or et cetera.

What is a Website and why its important to start a blog?

A website or web sites is anything on the internet presented using HTML/CSS or Python/Php/Javascript.

Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, Flipkart they all are counted as Websites.

Basically, websites are not for containing too many posts or content, Websites have their own and different way to present their homepage or any of their pages to the audience.

A blog can be in a Website but A website is not considered as a blog.

How you Identify a Website?
Websites have a Portfolio section of their work.
The website has a blog post but not only they have the blog posts.
A FAQs page also feeds on a website for providing better information to the Audience.
An Easy to Contact Page.
A service page on which they displayed their services to the visitors.
Pick a Domain name
Get your Website online
Setup WordPress
Customize your Website

Let’s Start Your blog,


A domain name is your website name or we can say a domain name is the address of your Website where internet users get your content. like is the domain name for the company Amazon similarly is the domain name for the company Google.

How to Choose a Good Domain name?
Take a hint from your Niche.
Choose a short domain name.
Go with .com (TLD)
Easy to pronounce
Easy to learn
Make sure your Domain name is available as a username in social media sites

(Hint:- Go for your because if in future your articles rank highly on google ranking then it will be glad for you)

It’s OK to have different Domain Extensions:- It’s OK to have different Domain Extensions:- It’s just a myth that .com extension is good or any other like .in, .net, etc are not so good. Actually, the reason behind this is that nowadays people are so familiar with .com extension so, if you tell anyone about your website then they’ll surely search using .com but I suggest you that if you find a good domain name in “.in, .net, .org, .co” simply take it.

.COM @ RS.399 FOR 1 YEAR


Since you have a name selected it’s a great opportunity to get your blog on the web. This may sound hard or specialized, however, the means beneath will walk you directly through and make the procedure simple.

Web Hosting Provider:-  Websites are just a lot of documents. For example, Search or in your program, you are essentially downloading the landing page document. You need a spot on the Internet to put these records.
This spot is known as a server. Web Hosting suppliers let you rent server space. Without Hosting, there would be no website.

So, Who is the best hosting provider?
Bigrock (Recommended)
GoDaddy (Most popular)
Hostinger (Cheapest)
Site ground

There are so many companies which offer Hosting but I highly recommended Bigrock as a Hosting Provider.


24*7 Live chat support
They offer free and simplest installation of WordPress blogging software.
They’ll also help to increase your website speed.
They give Money Back Guarantee.

To get Hosting for your domain is very simple :-

Visit the Bigrock Pricing Page and select a plan.

I recommend The Starter plan.

Simply go to the Starter pack and Buy you Hosting.
‘Yes, that’s it’.
(Make sure you buy your hosting from Bigrock else you have to pay internally )


Why choosing WordPress?

Easy to use :- WordPress requires no coding knowledge and this platform is a simplest to design your website.
Easy to Add free plugins :- Plugins are the software which helps us to design our website exactly the way we need.
Everyone is using WordPress :- Nowadays WordPress build their huge community and yes everyone is using WordPress and also suggesting WordPress.

Now, you have your domain name. Also, you have your hosting. so, you just need a platform from which you can control your website data or everything you want to in your website you have to do in a certain platform so I recommend you to install WordPress as a blogging software for your website.

Simply you see a WordPress section on your cpanel.

Click on WordPress.

Then they’ll ask you to fill login details simply do that.

this structure will make another Admin represent your WordPress site. You will utilize this record to sign into WordPress and make changes to your site.

Now, Check the terms and conditions check box.

That’s it 👍

Now, You can log in to your WordPress account by simply typing https://yoursite/wp-admin


So, How to customize your blog?

since you have a WordPress site, you have to change the default Theme.

Despite the fact that the default topic looks great, it’s not streamlined for blogging.

It’s only a basic Theme to get started. Your blog’s structure needs to catch the client’s eye and focus it on the substance.

In the event that you need your blog to succeed, you will require a decent structure. Without a decent structure, nobody will focus on your Content.

For changing your theme simply point your mouse on Appearance section t left of your screen and click on the theme option.

Now choose the Theme which makes your website look professional.

It will take few seconds to install then click on activate.


Now, visit your site’s Domain name to perceive what your site resembles.


Now Start Posting your content on your blog and expand your online reach.

Daily Discussi0n Clears all your query regarding your blogging website so, make sure you connect with us and if you get any difficulty while making your blog simply live chat with us ‘Live Chat Icon’ you can see on bottom right side of your Screen.


All the Step you follow from this article will help you to make a professional blog site and as you are a new blogger so, I advise you to post once in a day.

Also, I suggest you create your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account from the name of your domain name it’ll help you to expand your Audience.

hope this Article helps you for starting your blog
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