How to use Google Trends in India- Benefits of using Google Trends

How to use google trends India API-benefits of googletrends
Benefits of using Google trends-

1. At first, Google trends is a free service from Google. So anyone can use it free of cost.

2. From here you can get to know trending searches of a specific country and also real-time searches.

3. Not only this, but you can also get unlimited ideas to write content for blogger or making videos for YouTube.

4. Google trends will also help you to find keywords for free and allow you to compare with other keywords.

5. You can compare five keywords together at a time.

6. Form the comparison you will get the searches results for a specific country as well as specific time.

Now let’s move on, How to use Google trends India.

1. Open browser, type Google trends.

2. Open the first link. Or you click here.

3. On the upper right corner, you’ll get an option to change the country. I mean you’ll able to get results for a specific country.

4. If you scroll down you’ll get many other results, like latest stories and insights, recently trending topics, yearly trending searches etc etc.

5. Now on the upper left corner, you’ll a 3 bar menu.

6. Tapping on that, you’ll find i. Home ii. Explore iii. Trending searches iv. Year in search v. Subscription total of 5 options.

Now let’s take a tour of these 5 options.

i. Home- This isn’t interesting. Clicking on this you’ll able to go at the home page.

ii. Explore-

· Tap on it. Now you can explore keywords.

· Write one keyword and press enter.

· Under the keyword, you’ll get options to change country, time, category and web search wise results respectively.

· Under this, you can also see a graph. Move the pointer(mouse) over the graph line, you’ll get the date and the number how many times the keyword is searched.

· Scroll down the page. Now you’ll find the results about the interest by region of that keyword (which you’ve put in the search box).

· Scroll down more and you’ll get the related keywords. If you’ve installed keyword everywhere, you’ll also able to see the number of monthly searches, CPC and competition.

· Now scroll up ahead again

· Besides the keyword in the search box, there’s a compare option.

· Click on that and put another keyword. Press enter.

· Now you’ll get results comparing these two keywords. You’ll also, get results in searches by region comparing those two keywords. You can compare 5 keywords at a time.

iii. Trending searches-

Click on this and you’ll get three options. a. Daily search trends b. Real-time search
trends c. Option to change the country respectively.

a. Daily search trends- Here you’ll get daily trending news. From here you can get topic to make
content on news.

b. Real-time searches- In this option, you’ll also get news but for the past 24 hours. And here you can also customise your topics category. Once you tap on any topics you’ll get the graph on search interest of news articles, also get news on related news and related queries. You can also use this topic as your keyword.

c. Change the country- Here you can choose a specific country.

iv. Year in search-

Here you can see previous year’s searches results on specific topics and specific year. Topics like overall trending searches for that year except that results in movies, songs, sports events etc. You can also change the year from upper right corner.

v. Subscription-

No no, no need of money, here you can subscribe to receive updates about noteworthy events via your email address.

You’ve to just add your topic, select the specific region and lastly how often you want notification.

And secondly, you can get notifications of a specific region’s- top daily search trends, the majority of daily search trends or all daily search trends. And you’ve to choose how often you want notifications.


Using this free service you can get to know about the trending topics. You can also get to know which the country wise trending topics. With this, if you want to sell any product, you can search that product in Google trends and it’ll say you which region & which country do search for your product the most.

Also from this, you can find your keywords for blog posts, YouTube or WordPress. It’ll also help you to write good SEO content.

In other hands, it’ll also work like topics hub. If anytime if you’ve no idea, you can also get ideas from here.

Sites from where I do research- Techrepublic, Techno Vedant

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So here is all about- How to use google trends India API-benefits of googletrends

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