Is hike better than whatsapp- Hike 6.0 review, top features

Is hike better than whatsapp? Hike 6.0 review, top features-

There’s no doubt that now the world’s most popular messaging app is whats app which is owned by Facebook. But do you know that Hike messenger also enters the race? Hike 6.0 is an Indian company. As an Indian, we should feel proud of it. And we should help Hike to grow up.

Recently Hike has updated its new version Hike 6.0. Here I’ll talk about Hike 6.0 messenger top features, as you like to install this app and use it.

Simply with Hike, you can send messages, voice call or video call someone, send various stickers, also put stories and post photos. In the other hand, Hike is fully loaded with many features and various customization options.

Now let’s move on to the Hike 6.0

Chatting experience-
Firstly chatting in Hike is a smooth experience, here you can send documents, photos, zip files, songs, location, contact, etc.

Something the feature like whatsapp, you can reply to someone by mentioning a specific chat by tapping on the chat and slide right side.

Also, you can mark a message as a starred message and search for a message in the whole chat.

And on the other side, you can apply various pre-installed chat theme and also custom chat theme according to your choice.

You can also send the whole chat via email.

Stickers and emojis-
The hike is full of interesting stickers and emojis. Over 20,000 free emojis are available in the Hike. I’ll not provide you the sticker’s screenshot but I’ll recommend you to install the hike and see the huge stickers collection. When words can’t express your feelings then these stickers can do.

I’m betting with you that you’ll not get this types of emojis in any other chatting platform. Just give a quick look at my favorite emojis.

Nice. Isn’t it?? Give your comment about this emojis in the comment section below.

In Hike you can hide your last seen, stories update for a specific chat.

Moreover, you can hide a specific chat in the app and the more interesting matter is you can unlock that chat with your fingerprint.

Just hold on a chat in you’ll get hide chat option. Hide it. After hiding it you can get the chat back tapping on the Hike logo ( upper right corner). But you’ve to give your security key.

Suppose you’ve opened a hidden chat but forgot to hide again. But don’t worry whenever you get back from the chat, those specific chat will be hidden again.

Hike group-
It’s exclusive that you can add 1,000 members in a single group. Though this feature has no need practically.

You can also create a pole in the group. And the group members can vote in it.

Hike timeline and stories-
You can upload photos, videos, gifs, share links. It doesn’t matter how big file your video is but you’ve to mind that the video should be over than 2 mins.

For stories, here is a minor defect. Hike lags sometimes while seeing your own stories.

Dark mode-
Hike also features dark mode option in the hike like the messenger.

Just click top on the bar beside the Hike logo and you’ll be able to change the whole hike theme. Look at this screenshot.

For security option, any third party person can’t see your contact number, until you make him/her your friend. Isn’t cool?

Yes, here you will get add friend option.

So it’s all about- Is hike better than whatsapp- Hike 6.0 review, top features.

So now you understand enough that Hike is fully loaded with lots of customizations. Moreover this app is newly couples who want to chat secretly from parents, as here is hidden chat feature. Am I right?

And after reading this blog, now must have understood that Hike is slightly better than whatsapp. But not have enough popularity.

India has a very large population. And as an Indian, we should install it and use it as the hike is an Indian company and also developed in India. We should show the world our rich Indian culture.

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