Know Your Body Type: Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph

Do you struggle to put on muscle mass and lose fat? Do you spend hours in gym and still struggling to have that perfect body type? Have you tried different diet plans but all failed?

Body Type: Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph

Have you ever think about why many people eat lots of food and still manage to stay lean and thin, while there are people who don’t eat as much but have way more body fat.

Well, Human body is very complex structure and hard to understand. Factors that influence one’s body shape are the skeletal configuration and the distribution of muscles and body fat.

Body type is not all about the structure and how it looks, but it also determines the response of the hormonal and sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

Well, the answer you are looking for all your problems might lie with your body type.

Every person on the planet has a particular body type which defines the overall body structure of that person and how he/she should approach according to their body type.

People with different body types have different approaches and methods to follow in order to gain, lose or to maintain one’s body shape & muscle mass.

There are majorly three Body Types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph & Endomorph, in which most of the people fall themselves into.  

Each body type mentioned has different advantages and disadvantages.

Which lot more define one’s body reaction towards different training and diet plan.

Every training and diet plan may not produce the same result for all different body types.

Let’s try to understand each body type in detail.

Ectomorph Body Type

People with this body type traditionally have a tall and Lean body with Low muscle mass an low muscle development throughout the body.

They have a low tendency to get muscle mass and body fat. Often struggle to put on mass.

Have fast metabolism that burns of fat easily and good at processing carbohydrates into energy.

A tall body that has a thin body shape. As muscle mass is evenly spread through their body.

That makes them appear like a rectangle since their body shape appears straight up and down.

It is due to the length of their limbs, coupled with the low muscle mass on the limbs.

Ectomorph inclined neither to store fat nor to build muscle. That assures them to eat relentlessly with little to no weight gain.

Their characteristics include a small slight frame and bone construction, hyperactivity, small appetite, flat chest, youthful appearance, speedy metabolism and lean muscle mass.

Exercise Routine for Ectomorph

Adding a strength based workout plan would help one in which low repetition and heavyweight exercise are majorly performed. 

Training the fast twitch muscle fibre with compound exercises will help in overall body strength and development. They can have longer rest between sets.

Keeping Cardiovascular exercises to minimum might prevent muscle loss.

Having 4-5 Workouts a week with 45 minutes to 1 hour of a session in gym would be enough for an ectomorph.

Complete body rest play an important role in recovery of the body. So having a good sleep and rest would also be essential.

Ectomorph Body Type Diet

As they have a fast metabolism that tends to digest anything with ease make them to have a good amount of food to gain weight.

They need to consume 500 – 1000 calories surplus to their daily maintenance calories to gain weight.

As they easily digest food and produce energy at a fast speed they need to have something to eat in every 2-3 hours so the body gets its fuel to burn.

They need a well balanced diet with 50% Carbohydrate, 30% Protein, 20% Fat so the body gets every macronutrient.

People Should consume 1.5-2g protein per kg of their body weight to maintain muscle mass. Some food source of Lean protein source are Fish, Chicken, Meat, eggs whites.

Adding Complex Carb food sources will also be helpful as it regulates the digestion process and helps to maintain blood sugar levels. Food sources of complex carbs are brown rice, whole wheat bread, sweet potato, yams and brown pasta.   

A good portion of the diet can come from good fat as it has more calories than protein and carb that help to achieve the daily caloric surplus goal.  Source of good fat like Omega 3 & Omega 6 can come from fish, egg yolk, nuts.

Use of Protein shakes before and after a workout and having proper nutrition will helpfull a lot.

Mesomorph Body Type

People who fall in this body type, traditionally are not too thin or fat. They have an aesthetic body type naturally.

Characteristics of mesomorph are brode shoulders, a wide chest, narrow waist with higher muscle mass.

They have a natural symmetrical body with make to have a V-shaped body look.

They easily put on muscle and lose fat as compare to other body types. Their natural strong metabolism helps them to burn calories and put on mass.

People in this body type are often found to have an athletic body type.

Exercise Routine for Mesomorph

Performing high-intensity workout with moderate rap range best suits their body type. 5-6 workouts a week will be suitable for a mesomorph.

You should minimize the rest time between the set to give muscle more tear and load.

Adding isolate exercises with compound movement will help you to target a specific muscle group in a workout.

Adding cardio in your workout schedule will also be very helpful to lose fat and burn extra calories.

Mesomorph Body Type Diet

A well-balanced diet plan a Mesomorph should follow in order to remain in shape.

They can reduce the simple Carbohydrate in their food and can add food sources of complex carbohydrate in their food to avoid unnecessary gain.

 Higher protein intake is must in order to build new muscle and maintain existing muscle mass.

They should avoid cheat meal and fast food to avoid unnecessary fat storage. Mesomorph maybe prone not to store fat easily but if they follow the high-calorie diet they may get a significant amount of fat storage over the period of time.

A good balanced diet for them can have 45% of Carbs, 30% of Protein and 25% of Fat.

They can modify their diet plan and can stay in 10-15 percentage deficient and surplus according to their muscle building and fat loss.

After workout nutrition and recovery is very important for you to maximise the outcome of your workouts.

Endomorph Body Type

Endomorph you can say is just opposite to Ectomorph they usually are larger in appearance and have a large appetite.

Generally they have a soft round body shape with higher body fat percentage and have little muscle definition.

People tend to put on fat easily as compared to put lean muscle mass. They find it hard to drop weight or loose fat.

Their major portion of body mass is occupied by fat. Staying in good shape is a tough task for them as their body tend to get out of shape easily.

People in this category also complain to have other problems that may evolve because of their overweight, higher body fat or negligence towards their health.

Their body is somewhere similar in nature with Ectomorph body type which shows a stubborn in nature transform for perfect body shape.

Exercise Routine for Endomorph

High intensity and high repetition exercise Routine for Endomorph would be helpful for an Endomorph.

Burning maximum calories in a workout and other activities help to deplete fat storage.

They must increase their activity level throughout the day to maximise the calorie burn and improve metabolism.

Adding  20-30 minutes of Cardio session after each work is also important for them.

They can train twice a day and fasten their progress.

Endomorph Body Type Diet

Excluding extra Carb from their diet would allow the body to use the body’s stored fat.

Should eat less than their daily maintenance calories and should avoid having a simple carb source.

Adding 20-25 gm of complex carb in daily diet will help to improve metabolism and digestion. You can take it from raw vegetable and fruits.

Having Fruit and Vegetables also help to stay on low calories.

Having a well balanced to protein and good fat allow to speed up the muscle and hormonal  growth. You can have 40% of protein & 30% of good Fat source in your diet plan.

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