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PUBG Mobile Emulator – Download PUBG Mobile On PC

Hello friends, today I am going to talk about PUBG Game for pc or Laptop. In this article, we covered How to play PUBG mobile on pc or Laptop the easy way. So, let’s go on the topic.

PUBG is, without doubt, the best game ever. It is available on many platforms, this makes this game more popular. PUBG is available for Mobiles (Android + iOS) & PC or Laptop, Tencent (the company behind PUBG) is making sure everyone can enjoy PUBG.

How to Play: PUBG Mobile on PC – The Easy Way

PUBG’s mobile version is known as “PUBG Mobile“. Many players debate about the difficulty level of PUBG on mobile and PC or Laptop. Playing on the game mobile is quite easy but it is very competitive on the PC.

People who want to play the PC version of PUBG need to buy a game on Steam.

Many players want to know how to play PUBG Mobile on PC or Laptop. Well, the interesting thing is that there is a legal way to do this.

Yes, you can run “Pub Mobile” on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 PC. This website is dedicated to sharing various methods or tricks, which you can enjoy using the mobile version of PUBG (PUBG Mobile) on your PC.

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How To Play Pubg Mobile On Pc Without Lag

The best thing about this game is that people can play it on PC too. All thanks to PHOENIX OS for making it possible. This is an Android emulator for all android games like PUBG Mobile, free fire, etc. Players through the emulator have teamed up with another person playing through the emulator. If four people will be connected with mobile and three other emulators with another four people, where three will be mobile and with an emulator. This emulator made it for Fair Play Gaming.


PHOENIX OS (operating system) is a type of Android-based operating system that is launched for Windows and Mac PCs. It is the lightest Android operating system available on the Internet for free. And that’s the best part. You can easily download and install it for free on your PC. Plus, its VIP membership is for those who want to use its every feature. But running PUBG mobile on PHOENIX OS requires zero pence, yes you can play for free. Some users have tested a bunch of Android-based OS and emulator on the PC and have tried to play and PHOENIX OS is the one who has won the comparison.

Steps to Install The Pheonix OS on your PC:

Step 1: Click on Installer and Choose your C Drive with 16 GB or More Space

Step 2: Reboot after the Installation Process is Finished. Till then Just hold on.

Step 3: After that when your PC/Laptop is Rebooting You will see two option To choose between your old OS and New that is Pheonix OS.

Step 4: Choose Pheonix OS and Login into it. After that follow the steps as we follow for our New Mobile Phone to Setup.

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