Nanotechnology -Introduction about Nanotechnology


The word ‘Nanotechnology‘ itself instigates our curiosity to know what is exactly that.Let us understand, pick up any object that is in front of you hold in your hand and now ask,’what is it made of?’The the answer is small microparticles which we can’t even see but after they combine with each other, make things visible. Not only this but these small microparticles are arranged in such a way that the product we get from same particles is always something different.In a scientific way, these microparticles are known as “ATOMS“.

Atoms forming molecules

Now the most interesting part comes that is when we think of controlling this arrangement of particles, which we can’t even see with our naked eyes.This is what exactly done in “Nanotechnology”. Nanotechnology deals with the dimension of less than 100nanometres, especially the individual atoms and molecules.

Scientists say that the outcome we get from nanotechnology can change the technology living.Many new materials can be manufactured by using this particular type of technology.

Application of nanotechnology

Researchers are developing the nano-sized molecule that can help to deliver the drugs necessary for curing diseases.When it is perfected, this method will reduce the damages caused by the cells. 

Nanotechnology is having an impact on aspects of food science, from how food is grown to how it is packed. Companies are developing nanomaterials that will make a difference in the taste of food,  also in food safety, and the health benefits that food delivers. It is being used to develop methods to improvise the quality of water. 

Nanotechnology is not just this but it has variety of applications in every field you can think.Conquering the atom is not easy but the latest researchers are working on it to make things easier.

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