what is google

Google                                                         Who is google sir is a platform who is give you all information which you need and its give you all you questions in your mind and what you can do for this servise simpiley go your laptop and google computer ya take your phone and turn on his data internate and type … Read more

Body Fat Types in Human And How to Get Rid of IT?

Body Fat Types in Human

Today the majority of the population is overweight or store a major amount of fat in their body composition. People struggle daily to get rid of that unnecessary weight from their body. People often try many things to lose fat. They follow different diet plans and exercises but most of them fail in producing any … Read more

What is Nutrition and how it works?

what is nutrition

Nutrition is the intake of food, to provide the body with its dietary needs to regulate its functioning. Good Nutrition is very important for good health which you can get from a well-balanced diet. for best result, one can add regular physical activity considered to good health. Good Nutrition can be classified on the basis … Read more

BEGINNER GYM WORKOUT -Ultimate Fitness Guide

Beginner Gym Workout

So you have finally decided to start you Beginner Gym Workout and include exercise in your daily regimen! Cool, let me inform you that this can be one of the best decisions of your life because it was for me!…  Actually including workout and fitness in your life can start a series of events that … Read more


cardio exercises

 Cardio exercises. Do you ever wonder why athletes and army men live so long and are from all kinds of diseases? The primary reason for the longevity of their lives is their cardiovascular fitness, which is almost at the elite level because they train their heart throughout their lives. Did you know the more 60 … Read more


build muscle with natural diet

Build muscle. You must be always thinking that building muscle is all about taking expensive supplements and steroids? But don’t worry today I will tell the truth, breaking all myths and misconceptions. Build muscle mass depends only and only three factors Right training, Right Nutrition and Right amount of recovery. UNDERSTANDING THE ROLE BUILDING MUSCLE … Read more


WHAT IS WEIGHT TRAINING? Actually its nothing like weight training, Or to be more appropriate it is called Resistance Training. Weight Training is a kind of training that utilizes the anaerobic energy system that challenges the body via weights. These weights can be in the form of :- Gravity(Body weight), Dumbbells, Resistance machines, Equipment, etc. … Read more